Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

Off Road Xtreme is excited to present the ultimate off-road gear guide for UTV and SxS accessories. Safety needs to be paramount for all off-roaders. In this UTV gear guide, we go over what constitutes a good and proper helmet and then list a few options. Roll cage upgrades, seats, harnesses, and several other critical devices crucial to keeping safe on the trail are also covered.

It must be noted, that everything on this list is a brief overview and not a step-by-step guide. For best recommendations, fitment, and installation, on any products, consult with the manufacturers, car builders, and experts. This is an unpaid and unbiased list we have curated specifically for the general UTV off-road enthusiast.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

First and foremost, if you are gonna ride in or drive a UTV, get yourself a good helmet. This is important to us and also your loved ones, which is why we are putting helmets at the top of the list. For sufficient protection, Brain buckets should be of the highest quality. 

There are several certificates and ratings to be aware of. Make sure the helmet you are using for off-road purposes is marked with at least one sticker label from DOT, ECE, SNELL, FIM, or SHARP. Having one of these sticker certifications ensures your lid meets or exceeds testing requirements and offers a decent amount of protection. No helmet is foolproof and cannot prevent all injuries from occurring.

UTV And SxS Accessories: Helmets

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

There are other products on the market to upgrade helmet safety technology. MIPS is a helmet-based safety leader focused on preventing and reducing brain injuries. MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection. The MIPS System is a product placed inside the helmet designed to help reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. If this intrigues you, look for the MIPS yellow dot on your next helmet.

For UTV off-road recreation, Off Road Xtreme strongly recommends using full-face helmets. In my experience coming out of off-road racing, the ideal setup allows for radio communication, fresh air, and dust prevention. Of course, that is not always practical for every user and application, but it is something to consider. A good motocross helmet might already be hanging on your wall, so if you got it, grab it before hopping in the SxS

Bell Helmets

This Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS helmet is awesome since it has certifications from DOT, ECE, and MIPS. A great option for both street and dirt, this full-face helmet has an easy-to-use flip-up visor and the transitions-adaptive click-release shield is included. For all of those features, you will pay a little extra at more than $369.


The Bell Qualifier Forced Air helmet is an affordable performance unit designed specifically for off-road side-by-side users. At under $230, it already comes with an air pumper provision, integrated speaker pockets, and includes a neck skirt to keep the dust out.

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

UTV And SxS Accessories: Roll Cage Upgrades

If you plan to drive your UTV off-road at speed, it is recommended you bolster up the main safety feature of your machine. Yes, we are talking about replacing the factory-equipped roll cage with a beefier upgraded version.

So how much does a custom roll cage cost these days? What does an arm and a leg cost? What does it cost to save you and your passengers from traumatic injury? Luckily for UTV owners, there are more than a few reputable shops doing all the hard work to provide affordable solutions. This includes weld-it-yourself roll cage kits, and fully assembled powder-coated cages ready for bolt-in.


Based out of Temecula, California, Cagewrx was started with the idea to bring top-quality UTV roll cages and accessories to the market at competitive prices. They do that by offering professionally-engineered and CAD-designed roll cage kits. These are easily assembled, welded on the chassis itself, and without the need for a fixture. Designed with keyed notches on all the tube junctions assures perfect alignment. Basically, all that is required is a qualified welder, a tape measure, and some ratchet straps.


Prices start at $769.99 for their two-seaters cage kits and go as high as $1,249.99 for a ready-to-weld four-seater roll cage kit. If you need it fully assembled, with a roof and powder coated, tack on another $1,000 or more. Cagewrx has products for Can-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Yamaha.

SDR Motorsports

Founded in 2008, SDR Motorsports is an iconic leading industry manufacturer of UTV accessories. They were mostly known for their custom high-end project builds, but UTV sport cages have been the main staple. They also produce door systems, bumpers, and storage products that are widely popular.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

With SDR you get what you pay for, and that is strength, safety, and style built in. Their SDR Difference mantra touts several key features that stand above; triangulated design, roof bracing, double-tube front bracing, and extensive bracing throughout. Most products start around $2,000 but when you start adding the optional features it can add up quickly. But these are all premium add-ons that make a big difference with the end look and function.


Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

UTV And SxS Accessories: Seat Upgrades

Modern UTVs, especially sport models, can go pretty darn fast. And if you are going fast through the rough, like off-roaders do, the factory-equipped seats in your UTV might not provide the level of comfort or safety we would hope for. Owners of UTVs have noted the seats are narrow, too rigid, not enough bolstering, and other issues. Thankfully there are many great upgrades to be found.

Most of these aftermarket seat manufacturers even have seats specifically designed for UTVs and bolt-in replacement kits specific to make and model. No custom fabrication is required.

Before we get there, I encourage you to learn what kind of seat is right for you. The Terra Crew guys had Morgan Clarke explain what that is all about. It is also worth noting, there are different types of seats for different-sized riders and of course applications. It is so important to get educated on all aspects, so do your homework and consult with the experts beforehand.


Widely known in the off-road industry for race-quality seats and harnesses, PRP has become a popular name brand. They have a huge selection, and most are highly customizable, or you can go with pre-designed off-the-shelf models. The nice thing about having choices is you can dial in what you want by price range. I also really like how you can browse the PRP UTV Products based on the vehicle you drive. It is worth noting, PRP also serves the off-road racing community and sells competition-rated safety products.

If I was going to deck out my new recreational UTV and wasv looking at seat options, I would consider PRP’s XCR UTV series seat. These are specially designed UTV seats specific to each UTV model. With no frills or upgrades, the basic XCR is a great buy at $650.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

The XCR features a comfortable 7 inches of containment and a perfect 12-degree seating angle. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner is durable, and the dual-density foam decreases impact on the body, reducing fatigue.

PRP XCR UTV Seat Features:

  • Open Containment
  • 12-degree Seating Angle
  • Removable Seat Cushion
  • 5th-Point Harness Slot
  • Dual Harness Openings
  • Quick Release Pull (for RZRs)

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

PRP Custom Seat Upgrades:

Some products are able to be customized right on the website to your liking and needs. Not all products allow for all options. But we understand PRP is very accommodating and can make most requests happen.

  • 60-plus Different Colors
  • Seat Width Upgrade
  • Material Choices
  • Logo Embroidery
  • Front Goggle Pockets
  • Rear Storage Pockets
  • Water Paks
  • Heated Seats
  • Air Lumbar
  • Various Diamond Stitching Patterns

RECARO Automotive

On the other end of the stick is RECARO. The name and product can mostly be associated with top-tier sports cars, but in reality, their products can be found in everything from race cars to UTVs. They even supply high-end auto manufacturers with OEM seats.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

During the 2021 SEMA Show, RECARO debuted two seat products specifically designed for off-road purposes. It should be known that the design process was years in the making and it is clear that RECARO is serious about safety.

The RECARO Cross Sportster ORV is specially designed to address off-road vehicle requirements. Its snug, supportive seat structure stabilizes the body against lateral forces. The side bolsters offer excellent shoulder and torso support. The highly-effective vibration-damping foam and the durable cover materials are essential when pushing off-road vehicles to the limits. To wrap yourself in the safety and comfort of the Cross Sportster ORV, you can expect to cough up more than $1,600 per seat.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

RECARO Cross Sportster ORV Features:

  • Designed For Off-Road Vehicles
  • Vibration-Damping Foam
  • Weather And Abrasion-Resistant Upholstery Materials
  • Flat Seat Cushion With Low Side Bolsters
  • Easy Access For Getting In And Out Of The Vehicle
  • Sporty Seat Performance
  • Specially Formed Shoulder Support
  • Belt Slots For 4-Point Belt And 5-Point Belt
  • 5-Point Belt Sub-Hole
  • Also Suitable For Use With A 3-Point Belt
  • Backrest Adjustment
  • Integrated Headrest
  • Backrest Release

RECARO’s Pro Racer SPG XL ORV is specially designed to address off-road race car requirements. It is ergonomically designed to provide outstanding support and protection for your back and neck against all the forces typically associated with off-road racing.

This seat is suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point belts as well as HANS/FHR systems. Its particularly robust cover materials are both weather and abrasion resistant. For a steep $2,000, it looks to be very well made with Recaro’s legendary status and price point.

RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV Features:

  • Seat in XL version
  • Suitable to work with head and neck safety systems
  • Shock-absorbent foam
  • Highly flame-retardant upholstery (FMVSS 302)
  • Suitable for 4-, 5-, 6-point belt (racing use)
  • Seat shell glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP)
  • For rally vehicles
  • Seat for off-road vehicles
  • Optional high seat cushion available
  • Optional fixed side mounts available

UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety Harness Restraints

Like with the seats, there are a lot of variables to know about belt restraints. And like all other safety products, harnesses are not exactly a cheap purchase especially when you have to multiply that per seat. To help you understand these key details before you make the investment, Terra Crew and Morgan Clarke break it down for us again.

Safety harnesses and restraints all come down to purpose, application, and preference. There are variations between materials, restraint locking systems, belt configurations, anchoring methods, and more. The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you need SFI race certification belts or are these for recreational use only. Another question to check off; do you need something compatible with a head and neck restraint device? For most general off-road UTV enthusiasts, this is not a worry but something to consider.

Impact Race Products

Since we are talking about safety, let’s go to the innovative source. Impact was founded by Bill Simpson who is pretty much the guy that got the ball rolling on modern safety equipment. Simpson started Simpson Race Products and then later founded Impact Race Products. Impact’s legacy was continued by the acquisition of Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Famer Robbie Pierce, another leading purveyor of safety products.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

Impact has all the credentials to be the leading expert, and they have dozens of belt sets and hundreds of variations to choose from. In regards to UTV harnesses, Impact offers restraints specially designed for off-road purposes. Their Off-Road/Desert 16.1 Racer Series Latch & Link Restraint features 3-inch lap belts with a rugged Ratchet Lap Belt Adjuster.

Depending on the configuration, this system’s prices vary from $170 to $370.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

Impact Off-Road/Desert 16.1 Racer Series Latch & Link Restraint Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer certified to comply with the SFI Foundation’s 16.1 specification
  • Specifically Designed for Off-Road and Desert Racing Applications
  • Individual Shoulders
  • Latch & Link Buckle
  • QSR Adjuster on Shoulder Belts
  • Choice of Ratchet Lap Belt Adjuster on either the Right or Left Side
  • Bolt-In Ends
  • Three-Bar for Wrap

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

PRP Harnesses

If you need the basics and want the popping style to go with it, keep reading. PRP sells mass quantities of off-road and UTV harnesses so they must be doing it right. They break it down into three main categories; race harnesses, 5-point, and 4-point belts.

Starting at $150, the PRP 5.3 Custom Harness looks to be the most popular and also comes in the most color or style options. The 5.3 harness is a 5-point system, with a 3-inch wide shoulder and lap belts. Cushioned shoulder pads are sewn in and use a latch and link system to lock in. The EZ adjusters allow you to adjust your shoulder straps quickly, even if they are dirty or muddy.

Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories: Safety

PRP 5.3 Custom Harness Features:

  • 5 Point Harness with 3-inch Belts
  • SFI 16.1 Certified
  • All Black Hardware
  • EZ Adjusters
  • Sewn In Pads
  • Removable Sternum Strap
  • Color Options: black, blue, orange, silver, red, and yellow. They can also be had in Shreddy Teal or Shreddy Black.

UTV And SxS Accessories: Fire Extinguisher

We have all seen way too many burned-out UTVs with nothing left but charcoal and ash. Honestly, one is way too many. I cannot comment on the cause or issue, but I can offer a solution. Every SxS vehicle should be carrying a loaded fire extinguisher. If the fire extinguisher is not properly secured for transport, the device could be compromised and rendered useless when the need arises. It is best to carry one designed to handle the impacts and rigors of off-roading.

SafeCraft Fire Extinguisher 

It is not the best idea to go for the cheapest option when selecting a fire extinguisher, especially when it needs to be rugged and durable. SafeCraft designs and manufactures high-quality fire suppression systems for motorsports, industry, marine, and aviation. Tried and true in off-road racing gets them a mention here. 

The SafeCraft Models PB3 / PB5Halotron I CLEAN AGENT fire extinguishers come in aluminum 3-pound and 5-pound canisters. Activated manually, these SafeCraft extinguishers effectively suppress vehicle fires using a non-compacting liquid extinguishing agent.

Unlike other extinguishers on the market, these are portable systems that can be flat-mounted or fixed to a roll cage. The optional quick-release bracket is custom-designed to offer the versatility of placement and ease of use. Just FLIP the lever, GRAB, and GO for rapid deployment.

Safecraft produces each product by the highest manufacturing standards. Basically, this means it is all made out of super trick billet machined pieces. Dad will love it, but your wallet will suffer. The 3-pounder starts at $259. By the time you add a quick-release mount, it is over $500.

SafeCraft Fire Extinguisher Product Features:

  • Contain Halotron I CLEAN AGENT.
  • Agent Qty: 3 pounds / 5 pounds
  • Cylinder Type: Aluminum
  • Overall Length: 15.7 inches / 16.7 inches
  • Cylinder Diameter: 3.25 inches / 4 inches
  • Nominal Weight:* 4.8 pounds / 7.5 pounds
  • Quick Release Bracket Nom. Weight: 1.5 pounds

UTV And SxS Accessories: First Aid

UTVs allow us to chase adventures. This often means taking us far off the beaten path and away from civilization. In the case of an emergency, seconds count and minutes could make the difference between saving a life or watching helplessly as one slips away. 

1Life Trauma First Aid Kit

This specially designed 1Life Trauma First Aid Kit is made specifically for off-roaders, Jeepers, duners, and UTV enthusiasts. First developed for off-road desert racing and made by racers, for racers, the 1Life Trauma First Aid Kit is dust-proof and crush-proof with a water-resistant, O-ring sealed, high-density plastic box. 

The kit is well thought out and professionally equipped similar to trauma kits costing $300 or more. The 1Life Trauma First Aid Kit sells for $200 with an optional cage mounting system available.

1Life Trauma First Aid Kit Contents:

  • 1LTK Dustproof, crushproof, water-resistant, high-density plastic box with an O-ring seal and heavy-duty latches.
  • SAM XT Individually Wrapped Tourniquet
  • SAM Splint, 
  • Emergency Drinking Water Pouch
  • Eyewash 
  • Kerlix Gauze Elastic Bandage
  • Surgical-Grade Trauma Sheers 
  • McKesson ColdPacks 
  • Emergency Mylar Blanket 
  • Self-Adherent Cohesive Tape
  • Mckesson Performance plus Gauze Sponge Cover Dressing Sterile
  • Ammonia Inhalant
  • Burn Cream with Lidocaine
  • BD Alcohol Swabs
  • McKesson Transparent Surgical Tape
  • Ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages
  • Israeli quick clot Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage
  • McKesson Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • Butterfly Fab Adhesive Bandages
  • Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • 1LTK Signature Every Day Kit Bag

UTV And SxS Accessories: Hydration

What is the best way to extend your off-road adventures and make them more enjoyable? Staying hydrated will definitely help. An innovative product called FluidLogic was originally designed to aid off-road racers to physically maintain endurance through hydration. They recently adapted the system and came up with a simpler version called the FluidLogic WAVE that is perfect for UTV enthusiasts.

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

The FluidLogic WAVE is a complete hydration system that keeps your drink of choice cold and secure. The magnetic roll-bar dock ensures quick one-handed hydration with the flick of the wrist. The system comes complete with everything including a 32-ounce or 64-ounce bottle. Super high-quality design and construction make the $169 price tag a little easier to swallow.

FluidLogic™ WAVE Features & Benefits:

  • Kitchen-grade stainless steel is roost and rust-resistant.
  • Quick-release bottle mount secures to any roll bar for convenient filling.
  • Available in 32oz and 64oz capacity for short and long rides
  • Keeps your drink cold for up to 8 hours
  • Keep your eyes on the road ahead with quick one-handed magnetic operation
  • Stay hydrated outside your vehicle when parked at your favorite spot
  • Dust-resistant silicone bite valve prevents dust and sand from sticking to the bite-valve
  • Insulated dairy-grade tubing keeps your drink cold on route to you
  • Wide mouth bottle opening makes it easy to add ice to keep your drink cold all-day

Kicking Back With A Cold One

Now that you have the hydration system figured out, you should determine what you will hydrate with. This of course all depends on personal preferences, and we recommend good old-fashioned, fresh, and pure H20. Nothing beats the refreshing burst of cool water hitting your lips to quench your thirst.  Well, nothing except beer. Beer beats water in every situation, except when you are driving or operating a motor vehicle.

10 Barrel Brewing’s Non-Alcoholic IPA

So, we know mixing the party with off-road pleasure is a big no-no, but there are other options such as “near-beer”. Alright, you can stop laughing already. Near-Beer has come a long way from those rank O’duals. Now you can taste that legit craft beer style in the form of a non-alcoholic IPA from 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

The N/A IPA – Non-Alcoholic IPA contains less than .5-percent ABV, yet retains the usual boldness and flavor of your favorite IPA without the ramifications of overdoing it. Brewed with Cryo Hops, this evolution of a non-alcoholic recipe has a pronounced malt presence and still provides berry, citrus, and tropical aromas. With only 12 carbs, 57 calories, and $9.99-$12.99, it’s the anytime, anywhere beer.

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

For when you complete the off-road adventures for the day, we recommend trying any of the real deal 10 Barrel Brewing craft small batch beverages packing big outdoor fun. From their classic Pilsner and Pub Beer Lager to their Apocalypse West Coast IPA and the All Ways Down Double IPA, there is sure to be a proper frosty cold one for your liking. They even have some super tasty canned cocktails packing natural ingredients and flavors.

Ultimate Off-Road Gear Guide For UTV And SxS Accessories

How about that! We hope this UTV gear guide highlighting safety accessories will help make your off-road adventures safer. Four more parts are coming in our UTV and SxS accessories gear guide so we have them cataloged here for your convenience. 

We know there are a lot of items out there to choose from. There is no possible way to cover it all, but we did our best to select high-quality items that will offer value to your UTV experience.

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