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eBay Find: Classic 1966 4WD Ford “BroncoStang”

Up for sale right now on eBay is a 4WD 1966 Ford Mustang. Yes, we know those two phrases should not be in the same sentence, but it happened. What else can we do but sit back and stare at it in awe? Read More


Rob MacCachren’s Class 7S Comanche Is Up For Sale On Craigslist

The Factory built Jeep Comanche that Rob MacCachren raced is up for sale and it has been very well taken care of. 2.5L 4 cylinder pushing 300+ horsepower, Dana 60 rearend and so much more! You need this! Read More


The 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 Had A Happy Ending For Almost Everyone

The 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 was not an event to miss, as the likes of Robby Gordon, Walker Evans, Rod Hall, and more came together to battle it out in the Baja Peninsula. Here's our take on the race. Read More

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GM To Invest $1.2 Billion In Indianapolis Truck Plant

GM is going to be investing billions over the next three years in U.S. assembly plants. The first investment will be in the Fort Wayne assembly plant, which will begin in summer. See what they have planned here. Read More

Dodge Ram 1

WTF: This 2012 Ram 1500 Is Wiped Out In Hawaii

You do not always off-road in paradise but when you do, you need to watch out for palm trees. Take a lesson from this 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 on what not to do when exploring tropical territory! Read More

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Ford F-150 Named Top-Selling Vehicle With US Military

The Ford F-150 has always been a top-selling truck in the nation, and now the US Military agrees as well. In a recent USAA poll, armed forces members preferred the Ford F-150 over all other vehicles. Read More

Baja 500 2

Event Alert: Baja 500 Kicks Off June 4-7

Get ready to head across the border for the Baja 500, June 4-7. With the recent change in the course, we will see who comes out victorious in the highly competitive Trophy Truck class. Read More


Getting Off The Ground: Toyota Debuts The 2016 Hilux

Toyota recently unveiled the brand new, completely redesigned 2016 Toyota Hilux. This new version of an old classic has everything that is the Hilux model and more, with Toyota leaving nothing untouched. Read More

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Video: Part Tank, Part Segway, All Shredder!

Check out the DTV Shredder. As far as we know it's the world's first tracked and motorized off-road scooter, jet ski, or skateboard, depending on how you look at this crazy fun new off-road toy! Read More

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Video: Why Do They Race Off Road?

Why do they race off road? Some do it for the thrills, others for the money, while still others do it because it's part of their job. Check out this video to see why Greg Adler races off road. Read More


The Odds And Ends Of Rod Ends

Rod ends seem like a simple component with two or three piece construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. These complex components can mean a long racing life or complete destruction in a race vehicle. Read More

Thread roll station_4

Holding The Load For The Long Haul, Choosing The Right Studs

Upgrading head studs has become the norm for most of us. The issue that comes into play is which studs to use? At what point is it better to run the best stud vs a good stud. We reached out to ARP to get the answer. Read More


Save Up To $200 With Weld’s Sizzling Summer Rebate Through July 31st

The summer season is upon us and that means getting the car out and hitting the road, or hitting the trails. If you're ready to save some money on new wheels from Weld, check out their Sizzling Summer Rebate. Read More


Dick Cepek Introduces New DC Wheel Line – Three Designs!

Dick Cepek's new DC wheel line is available in three different designs and comes with the same great style and durability that Dick Cepek is known for. Check them out here! Read More


JET Products New Underdrive Pulley Set for 2014-15 5.3L GM Engines

JET Performance's new Underdrive Pulley/Harmonic Balancer set for 2014-15 GM trucks and SUVs with the 5.3L engine helps to add up to 12HP by reducing drag and helping the engine turn with less effort. Check it out! Read More

Mercedes-Benz Launches Campaign to Support Jurassic World

Mercedes-Benz 6×6 and Other Vehicles Featured in New Jurassic World

Looking for something that will protect you next time you are on Isla Nublar, Mercedes-Benz has what you need. The G63 6x6 and others are put to the test in this summer's release of Jurassic World. Read More

EarthRoamer 8

Shop Spotlight: EarthRoamer, Extreme XV – Not RV

EarthRoamer is the making of extreme off-road luxury Xpedition Vehicles. Do not get these confused with your traditional RV as these are far from it, and in a league of their own. Read More

WTF Silverado 1

WTF: Buy A Beat-Up Silverado, Get A Free Lightbar

This beat up 2014 Chevrolet Silverado has seen better days. The damage to the truck may be extensive but you get an untouched light bar above the cab that will help light the long nights repairing the rest of it up. Read More


Jeep JK ProCharger Install on Sgt. Rocker: The Quest For More Power

The road to more horsepower and torque is not all about engine swaps. We took Project Sgt. Rocker through the installation of a ProCharger supercharger kit, and things have been awesome ever since! Check it out! Read More


ORX Interview: Kyle LeDuc Continues His Off Road Winning Streak

Growing up in a racing family can certainly influence your competitive nature. For Kyle LeDuc, it all began at home. Check out our exclusive interview with the off-road champ to see what he's up to next. Read More