Superchips Releases Flashpaq F5 For Jeep Wranglers

New from Superchips – Flashpaq F5 tuning support for 2015+ Jeep Wranglers. Check out new tunes for more power and torque, recalibrate for larger tires, and read and clear diagnostic trouble codes with one device. Read More


How To Make A Two-Wheel-Drive Survive, Eaton Style

No more "one-tire fire" for this 4Runner! Thanks to Eaton and its Detroit Trueurac limited slip differential, we're looking forward to a better, more thrilling experience off-road. Read More


Event Alert: Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic Is This Week

The inaugural Laughlin Desert Classic begins this weekend as part of a larger Best in the Desert schedule for 2016. Read More


2016 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X Review

Nissan's first refresh of the 2016 Titan XD is here, and we've had more than week to explore everything about it. Read our thoughts inside! Read More


Video: Putting Murphy’s Law To The Test At King Of The Hammers

Murphy's Law Motorsports puts the anything that can go wrong, will go wrong law to the test out at King of the Hammers. Find out why Lucas Murphy was running on the course inside! Read More


LOORRS: Short-Course Action Back In SoCal For Rounds 3-4

Temperatures were hot in Rounds 3-4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in Lake Elsinore, California -- and we do not mean just the weather. Check out all the action inside! Read More


Can’t Wait For The Raptor? Try A 600 HP Roush F-150 Instead

The 2017 Raptor doesn't hit Ford dealerships until this fall, but you can buy yourself a 600 horsepower Roush F-150 SC right now. Read More

mikes peak1

Inaugural Mike’s Peak Hill Climb Challenge Brings Racers to Baja

If you’ve got an off-road vehicle or rally car and thirst for adventure, you want to head to Baja. Later this year the inaugural Mike’s Peak Hill Climb Challenge brings something new and excited South of the bor Read More


Video: 2017 Ford Raptor Finally Gets To Have Some Fun

It's been a long wait for the 2017 F-150 Raptor, and as we count down the months, Ford is rolling out monthly videos to sate our appetites. Read More


Whoa! What’s BJ Baldwin Up To?!?

Off-road racing superstar BJ Baldwin threw up a blurry picture of his workshop today, teasing us with a shot of a truck that's currently in the works. Here's what we think is really going on. Read More


Video: New Tip from Koul Tools for Installing AN Fittings

Dick Raczuk of Koul Tools goes over some tips and tricks to help make your hose assembly process pain free from start to finish. Read More

jump champs

The Jump Champs: An All-New One-Of-A-Kind Off-Road Event

The Jump Camps looks to bring a new and unique event to the off-road world. This event is about the fans and giving them the opportunity to participate. Find out all the details inside! Read More


Video: Casey Currie Ditches The Wrangler For A Hellcat

Casey Currie has traded in his Jeep Wrangler and chunky off-road tires in favor of a road-hugging Dodge Challenger Hellcat in this video. Read More


Tupac Shakur’s Hummer H1 Up For Grabs Again

This year marks 20 years since rapper Tupac Shakur was killed in Las Vegas, and his fully loaded Hummer H1 will be up for grabs to mark his passing. Read More


Off-Road Black Sheep: Australian 4WD IFS IRS Trophy Truck

Changes in anything are usually praised, but for Scott Bryce and his IFS IRS Trophy Truck it has been far from that. See what he has had to go through to do what he loves. Read More


Performance Exhaust System Design And Theory

Exhaust system design is more complicated than running a few tubes. Look into the fluid dynamics involved in generating scavenging and avoiding restriction. Read More


Video: Personalize Your Exhaust Note With Flowmaster

The lineup of mufflers offered by Flowmaster demonstrates how users can personalize exhaust tones, from all-out race Outlaw to the mellow 70 Series street muffler. Read More


Bully Dog Boosts Tuning Support For 2011-15 F-150s

New from Bully Dog – tuning support for the 2011-15 Ford F-150. The new updates cover both the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and 5.0-liter V8 engines, and are achievable through the GT Platinum Gas tuner. Check it out! Read More


Superchargers In The Desert – LT4 Trophy Truck At Danzio Performance

Danzio Performance is a key player in the desert racing engine world. Building engines for everything from Trophy Trucks to limited buggies they always have something interesting in the shop. Read More


Hearing Postponed On Pre-1981 Vehicle Emission Inspection Exemption

Smog testing is a nuisance to many gearheads. SB 1239 would alleviate some of that stress by extending the inspection exemption through 1980 vehicles. But there's a catch, and the hearing has been postponed. Read More