2015 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

2018 Jeep Wrangler Will Get Eight-Speed Transmission

What are you hoping for in the next-Gen Jeep Wrangler? A diesel such as the 3.0-liter currently available in other Chrysler vehicles? If you're dreaming about an eight-speed automatic, you just might be in luck. Read More


Red Bull Frozen Rush is Back in 2015!

Red Bull's Frozen Rush is back for 2015! Check out all the action from last year and get your tickets for this exciting event coming in early January of 2015! Read More


What Kind of Engine Should Power Your Truck?

The heart of half-ton trucks is changing as the big three stand their ground and go three different directions in the power-wars of engine technology. What direction do you think will win the battle? Read More


Readers’ Rides: November Edition

Welcome to Readers' Rides, where we showcase some of the coolest four-wheelers to grace the internet. Today's finds are a '77 K10, '90 YJ, and a special surprise that you won't see coming--check it out inside! Read More


AIRAID Supports EcoBoost F-150s With Multiple Intake Options

EcoBoost F-150s get a leg up from AIRAID and its wide product support that's now available. Pick from four different parts to enhance and motivate your motor to new economy and performance heights. Read More


Knowledge Is Power: The Colorado ZR2 And All Its Secrets

The world has seen the Colorado ZR2, and is better for it. Will this truck be the go-to factory off-roader while Ford works on the next Raptor? We seem to think so, and here's our thoughts on why. Read More

Ford Rip Rod ecoboost

The 1.0L Ford EcoBoost Brings the Hot Wheels Rip Rod to Life

The imagination of the designers at Mattel have teamed up with the innovation of the engineers at Ford to bring to life the Hot Wheels Rip Rod powered by a 1.0-liter engine that can fit in a suitcase. Read More

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Power Automedia’s Black Friday Specials & Holiday Deals Guide

With 2015 approaching and the holiday season upon us, Power Automedia and our proud sponsors have compiled this year's collection of Black Friday & Holiday deals. Check them out inside! Read More


Video: With $10,000 At Stake, Rock Bouncers Charge A Tricky Hill

Would you climb a hill for money? How about $10,000? That'll help put you in the mind of these crazy Tennessee drivers at the recent rock bouncing event at the Adventure Off Road Park. Read More

Jeep Renegade

Video: Sand Surfing A 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Check out this sweet video of Jeep engineers proving the off-road capability of a 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk by testing it on the sand dunes of Silver Lake State Park. Read More


VIDEO: The Big Red Truck Versus The Big Red Sea

Do you trust your rig enough to ford through two feet of water? Hasan Kutbi does, as he pilots his big red International MXT around a harbor in Saudi Arabia. Watch what happens in the video here. Read More


GoPro Features Epic Formula Off Road Mishap In Recent Commercial

GoPro commercials have a way of taking viewers to places they'd rarely see, providing some incredible video angles and coverage from motorsports all over the world. Check out where the latest one takes us inside! Read More


Mitsubishi Introduces New Aluminum Diesel That Could Change Things

There's an entirely new diesel powerplant coming soon that features an aluminum block, turbocharging, and variable-valve timing. Check out the full story inside for all the details. Read More


Video: A Day In The Life Of LOORRS Star Robby Woods

Think you could handle the lifestyle of an off-road racer? Then watch this video of Pro 2 rising star Robby Woods, which shows a day in the life of the high-adrenaline Nevadan. Read More


Mark Williams Debuts 40-Spline Drive Plate Truck Floater Axles

Off-road racing demands a lot of a vehicle's drivetrain. Mark Williams is here to help improve things with its new 40-spline floater axles, which will work with a variety of hubs. Check 'em out! Read More


Five FREE Tips To Maximize Your Rig’s Gas Mileage

Practically no one enjoys buying gasoline or throwing money away. Therefore, we outlined five FREE tips you can do to improve your rig's MPGs! Check it out inside! Read More


Video: Streak for 2014 KOH King Healy Delivers Ultra4 Series Crown

Check out this awesome video featuring some of the hottest action from Ultra4 racing! Champions were crowned and trucks were broken! Read More


Video: Funco GTQ is an LS7-Powered Sand Monster

Funco Motorsports created the "GTQ," an LS7-powered sand monster. Watch it tear up the soft stuff at Glamis Sand Dunes and make sure to turn up your speakers because this buggy sounds amazing! Read More

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Video: The Top 10 Offroading Fails According To Break

Rock climbing can be a very dangerous sport, these high horsepower machines are made to scale some of the most intense rock walls you will ever see. But sometimes they simply don't make it up there. Read More


Chevy Colorado ZR2 Unveiled Today at LA Auto Show

The 2016 Chevy Colorado ZR2 could be Chevy's answer to a factory-produced off roader for enthusiasts. Unveiled today at the LA Auto Show, this truck has the potential to be one hell of a good time! Check it out! Read More