Defender 5

Twisted Automotive Modernizes And LS3-swaps Land Rover Defenders

Twisted Automotive in the UK takes Land Rover Defenders and modernizes them with updated creature comforts, aesthetics, and more power. Some are lucky enough to receive an LS3 under the hood. Read More


Light It Up With N-FAB’s New Multi-Mount LED Light Bar

Going off-road? Light it up! New from N-FAB are multi-mount LED light bars. Put your LEDs in many different combinations. Your peers are going to ask where you got it. Details inside. Read More


Video: ATC Turns Raptors Into Disabled-Friendly 4x4s

All-Terrain Conversions took a first-gen Ford Raptor and turned it into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Check out this demonstration video, showing how quick and smooth the process is. It's impressive! Read More

Jeep Mud Hole Thumb-1

Video: Jeep Wrangler vs. Mud Hole – Think Your Rig Could Do Better?

Watch what happens when this Jeep Wrangler charges through this mud hole. It turns out to be a bit deeper than the driver thought. Does the Wrangler win the arm-wrestling match with the bog? Read More


Truck Hacks: SCT Can Retune Your 2015 F-150 Any Way You Want It

SCT has been hard at work to stay on the cutting edge. Now comes news that the company's X4 and Livewire TS flash programmers will work on all 2015 F-150s, providing access and power gains like never before. Read More


Toyota Pulls The Diesel Option Off The Table For Its New Truck

With diesels being so hot right now, it is a little surprising that Toyota has shelved its diesel engine option for the Tacoma. You will never guess why. Read More


WTF: Stand Back, This Ranger Has WAY Too Much Attitude

Think you're tough enough to handle this spunky little Ranger?!? Decals, bumper stickers, louvers, stripes, and more! To say that this puny Ford has a personality is putting it lightly. Read More


Chris Forte’s 1975 Bronco Beach Cruiser

Cruising the beaches along the Gulf Coast of Florida is a popular past time, and the local cruisers take great pride in their rides. Check out this extra sweet, built for the beach, 1975 Ford Bronco. Read More

Cummins CJ8-4_edited-1

What Would You Pay For This Diesel-Swapped Jeep Scrambler?

Diesel swaps are a really hot item these days, but would you pay $16,000 for this Cummins-powered 1985 Jeep Scrambler? Check it out and let us know what you think it's worth. Read More

Jeep Cherokee Ice Imprint Thumb

Story Behind Viral Jeep Nose “Ice Imprint” Photo

Ever wondered if that viral photo of the Jeep Cherokee nose ice imprint was real? Well, read on to find out the real story behind the image! Read More

MacCachren Qualify 2015 KOH-3

Video: Rob MacCachren Qualifies (Fast & Funny) for 2015 KOH Race!

Watch as Rob MacCachren, one of the winningest desert off-road racers, puts the pedal to the metal during his qualifying run for the 2015 King of The Hammers. It's a wild ride! Read More


Mickey Thompson Releases M/T Metal Series Wheel Line

Time for new wheels for your truck, SUV, 4x4 or Jeep? Want quality and style? Check out Mickey Thompson's new M/T Metal Series wheel line, which has just been released. Read More


Video: Is The Mercedes G-Class G 500 4×4² The Ultimate Off-Roader?

Recently surfaced is the Mercedes G 500 4x4² show-car that is quite the off-road capable machine. Check out this video straight from Mercedes and let us know what you think of this beast! Read More


2015 Ford F150: What Do You Want To Know?

We are currently in process of conducting a full review of the completely redesigned 2015 F150, but we need your help! Let us know what you think we should include in the review and what you want to know about it! Read More


Video: Bill Baird Explains His Passion For King of The Hammers

We catch up with Bill Baird moments before the green flag dropped at the 2015 King of The Hammers to see what keeps him coming back for more and what he has that his competition does not. Read More


Video: JT Taylor Discusses What It’s Like Being Part Of The “OG13″

JT Taylor is one of the King of The Hammers "OG13" and continues to compete in this awesome race. Find out what motivates him and keeps him coming back in this ORX exclusive video! Read More

Nissan Titan XD Truckumentary-2

Video: Truckumentary #3 – Nissan Titan XD Diesel Design

If the new Nissan Titan intrigues you, then you really need to see their video Nissan put out. They call this series Truckumentary and it documents the development process. This episode, style. Read More

Edelbrock SB Sweepstakes-2

Win A 520 HP Edelbrock Enforcer Blown And Built SB Chevy 350!

If you ever wanted a blown and built 520 HP Small-Block Chevy V8 to drop into your car or truck, Edelbrock is about to give you a chance to win one. Check it out inside! Read More

GM 2wd to 4x4 Conversion-2

How To: 4WD Conversion On 2WD Pickup Truck

Check out this very detailed thread on how Wicked Mayhem did a 2WD To 4WD conversion on this 2006 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel CrewCab Short Bed pickup truck. Read More

2015 RPV CIV (4)xx

Video: Tactical Diesel Vehicles Now Available Direct To The Public

This diesel-powered armored light tactical vehicle is built in a number of configurations for military, police, and rescue operations, and now you can buy this road-warrior vehicle. Check it out! Read More