Bendpak Helps Us Build Our New Secondary Shop Space

With our business growing rapidly, we needed more shop space to film and perform other tasks in. We teamed up with Bendpak and they got us all set up with new equipment. Check it out! Read More


Larger Than Life: Hummer-Esque Toyota Mega Cruiser

It looks like a Hummer, sounds like a Hummer, and drives like a Hummer, but it isn't one. Take a look at Toyota's answer to the American brute–the Mega Cruiser. Read More


Nissan to Release New Diesel Power For NP300

The rest of the world will have another option in midsize diesel pickups. The Nissan NP300 Navara will have a choice of turbo diesel or gas powerplants. Read More


Preparation: Never Off-Road Alone

Everyone always hears about the buddy system, but it is something that is even more important when you head off-road. We experienced this first hand on our last photo shoot. Read More


Video: Merchant Automotive’s Duramax Sand Rail Has A Landing Fail

The Duramax-powered sand rail from Merchant Automotive takes off, but the landing is a different story. Watch the fail unfold in this video, and see the aftermath too. Read More

New Ford Ranger 1_Front 3qtr

The Ford Ranger Could Make A Comeback In 2018

The last Ford Ranger was built in 2011 and it has been sorely missed. But the Blue Oval is in talks with the UAW about bringing the Ranger back to America. Read More


Precious Metal: Keith Smith’s Class 1400 Ranger

From start to finish, Keith Smith envisioned only one outcome for his Ford Ranger project: a desert racer that was built to the hilt. Get up close and personal with an LS3-powered, Blue Oval ball-buster right here! Read More


Currie And Eaton Know What’s Best For Your Rearend

Currie Enterprises and Eaton teamed up to show exactly what you need for the most important part of the rearend for an off-road vehicle, the differential. Detroit locker, Elocker or Truetrac which is the right one? Read More


The Pope Will Travel America In A Modified Jeep Wrangler

When Pope Francis visits America next month, he will travel the East Coast in a specially-modified Jeep Wrangler, putting nothing between him and his flock. Read More


360-Degree Ride Along With Shannon Campbell

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride along in an Ultra 4 truck? Well now is your chance to ride along with Shannon Campbell at Glen Helen Raceway. Read More

Honda HR35TT Twin-Turbo V6 engine

Honda Adapting Daytona Prototype Twin-turbo V6 To Off Road Racing

Honda is returning to the dirt by adapting the HPD-developed 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine to an off-road chassis. Few details are available, but it could involve the next generation Ridgeline. Read More


Superlift Introduces New 3.5″ Kit‏ For 2014-15 GM Half-Tons

Superlift Superlift Suspension introduces its new UCA Lift Kits for 2014-15 GM half-tons. The new 3.5-inch Upper Control Arm Kit‏ design utilizes laser cut plate steel for precision fitment. Check it out! Read More

ford 4

Cold Weather Testing In The Sunshine State

Ford is cold weather testing in the sunshine of Florida. Two words that usually do not go together but Ford has found a way to make it work allowing engineers to create the best trucks possible. Read More


Remove Excess Crankcase Vapors with Moroso Air-Oil Separators

Looking to get a cleaner intake and get Sgt. Rocker running better, we turned to Moroso for their air-oil separator, which is plumbed into the PCV system to capture these harmful gases. Read More


Rigid Industries Offers a Light for Every Need

We walk you through the differences in Rigid Industries product line; optics, lenses and light bars. Find the best fit for your application! Read More


Your Chance to Own a Piece of Diesel Baja History!

One of Rod Hall's historic Baja Hummers is for sale on eBay. Check out this one of a kind desert racing diesel from a Baja 1000 champion. Read More

raptor 6

Testing: 2017 Ford Raptor Receives Trail Test

The 2017 Ford Raptor is back out in the dirt. Ford engineers test the truck on some tight trails in Michigan. The Raptor can be seen going over many different obstacles. Read More


Monster Energy Trail of Missions 2015

Racing in Baja is a mysterious, getting to enjoy everything it has to offer is a completely new adventure. Monster Energy takes these drivers on a new type of journey, airing this Sunday, Aug. 23 on CBS Sports. Read More


Video: King of the Hammers Documentary “The Kingdom” Trailer

Move over, Mad Max! Just released this week, the teaser trailer for "The Kingdom"--a documentary on the 2015 King of the Hammers--looks to be yet another awesome off-road movie. Watch it here. Read More


PSA: Extreme Driving Tips With Bryce Menzies

The extreme driving tips Bryce Menzies gives in this PSA, make this a very entertaining video to watch. See how to drive correctly off-road with Bryce Menzies and Pennzoil. Read More