We knew there was a whole world of mega trucks doing amazing things. Sadly, we didn’t know who the famous “Twitty” was until we ran across this video. After a little research, we have a pretty good understanding of Twitty and his well-known Liva’ Killa K5 Chevy Blazer mud truck.

Liva’ Killa’ is the compressed version of “Liver Killer.” Watching the numerous youtube videos of the truck in action, the name seems appropriate for the sometimes brown and sometimes white Blazer.

We have to give “Twitty” props for handling the mega truck which sits atop the suspension higher than 5-Donked out Impalas with 32-inch wheels stacked on each other. Keeping that box truck balanced on it’s rear without flipping over is a real task. There’s plenty of power in the engine to flip the truck on it’s lid – that much is evident when you hear the Blazer gas it up on the ramp.

Mud bogging is a sport that’s big all over the country, but huge in the South and Midwest, but having watched Twitty and his beast pull through the bog, then pull a wheel stand on the ramp makes us want to give it a shot.

Granted, we are late to join the Liva’ Killa’ fan club, but we are on the bandwagon now and will keep an eye out on the next season of mud bogs to see how our new hero does. 

If this is your cup of tea… er… mud, then you can follow Bam Bam Biguns on Facebook or go directly to its website at www.bambambiguns.com, the builders of Twitty’s Liva’ Killa’.