Video: New Tracked Vehicle From Nissan – Nismo, 1; Winter, 0

We love concept vehicles. Most of all we love off-road concept vehicles, because they, well, can go off-road. You see where we’re going with this, right? And when it comes to concept vehicles, usually the stranger the better. So when we came across the video above recently released by Nissan of a very different off-road concept vehicle, we watched it over and over again, imagining what it would be like to drive it. Hey anybody over at Nissan, hear that? We would love to test drive this thing!

JUKE NISMO RSnowThis is the Nissan Juke Nismo Snow. It’s got tracks and it obviously is designed for snow country. Our man at Nissan tuned us in to just how this extraordinary vehicle was put together and what it’s all about. First of all the tracks are from Dominator and were fitted up to the Juke Nismo chassis with little trouble. The base for this concept vehicle was the AWD (All Wheel Drive) Xtronic CVT Juke. The control system for the AWD setup had to be re-configured so it would work seamlessly with the Dominator track system. Of course the fenders had to be cut back as well so that the tracks (that are much larger than the standard wheels and tires) would not tear the body to bits.

The word is that the vehicle was designed to support some sort of event that Nissan is carrying on in Scandinavia. We’ve put in a request for a test drive. However, as our offices are in Southern California, we’re hoping they ask us to come see it in Norway where there’s endless amounts of snow this time of the year. Besides, we just got some new skis. What would you do if you got the chance to test drive this thing?


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