Donut Garage is a YouTube channel hosted by the Hoonigan brand. Most of the guests invited to the show are race car drivers or automotive celebrities. In previous episodes, BJ Baldwin absolutely killed the 39.5-inch tires on his trophy truck and Brenthel Industries did a 180 off the loading dock in their 6100 truck. This time around the Hoonigans invited Christopher Polvoorde, a seventeen-year-old Prolite racer.

In case you didn’t know, Prolite is a class in the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. The trucks typically use a Chevy LS which is mounted to the right of the driver. Suspension travel is limited to just 14 inches, but the Lucas Oil dirt tracks are fairly smooth other than the massive jumps. The Prolite trucks are kind of like miniature trophy trucks that only drive on a short course.

Christopher has been racing since he was ten years old. He now seventeen and this is his first year racing at the professional level which is quite impressive. The series embodies the “rubbing is racing” mentality and most of the trucks are missing body panels after a race. This makes the series even harder and Christopher is coming into the last race fourth in points for the season which is even more impressive.

The last couple of guests on Donut Garage really put on a show in their off-road trucks and Christopher knew he had to impress. He started out a little bit slow probably because he’s not used to driving the truck on pavement, but as time went on he really started shredding his tires. The truck does wheel wells in the rear so little bits of rubber went everywhere and pretty much covered the truck with rubber. We’re looking forward to how Christopher will progress in the Lucas Oil series considering he is just getting started.