Video: 50 Best Spots in Baja – Episode 8

Baja California, Mexico, is home to some of the best off-road racing in the world. Races like the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 draw in spectators from all over the US and Mexico, as well as race teams. Unfortunately, many of these racers and spectators are only in the area for the race, and never get to experience the true beauty of Baja. For this reason, BFGoodrich created the “50 Best of Baja” series with Cameron Steele.

Spot 19: Ward Falls

Many of the spots on the list have been motorcycle only trails. This next spot, Ward Falls, is a totally new motorcycle trail in Baja that was built by Kevin Ward. When the crew visited the trail for the video shoot, only eight people had experienced the trail. The trail goes through a desert single track and eventually some really gnarly mountain terrain. The big feature of the trail is the giant rock wall.

Getting through this trail requires extreme skill and the exact path of the trail can easily become lost due to few riders that have carved out a completely clear path.

Spot 18: Coco’s Corner

This next spot, Coco’s Corner, is kind of a random spot out in the middle of nowhere. Coco is gentlemen without legs who created this spot 26 years ago. Everyone who comes through this spot gets to meet Coco and sign in the book of everyone who had ever visited him. Many women have also left their underwear to hang from the ceiling.

Spot 17: “Jurassic Pass”

This next location is one of the most remote spots on the entire list. Cameron and his friends simply refer to it as Jurassic Pass. It starts as a smooth dirt road but quickly turns into a rough road barely wide enough for a side by side vehicle. The rocks all covering the road can be as big as a football and most of them are loose, making for a very challenging ride. As some point on the road, there are massive lookouts, as the road climbs through mountains.

“Everybody that has been in this area definitely thinks its one of those landmarks in Baja that you just sit on top of and go ‘woah, that’s gnarly.’,” said Cameron.

Spot 16: Santa María Mission Ruins

This next spot is yet another remote location in Baja. The Santa María Mission is located east of Cataviña. The road to this location is one of the toughest roads in all of Baja to traverse, and even dirt bike riders struggle to make it through this trail. Once you do, however, you are greeted to a palm tree oasis which leads up to the ruins of the Santa María Mission.

Spot 15: Solo Sports

This final spot isn’t as remote as some of the other locations, but it definitely is in an underpopulated area. The only thing out there is a business by the name of Solo Sports. This is an outdoorsman dream come true, with nearly every outdoor sport there is being available. There are small tents which you stay in at night.

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