Video: 50 Best Spots in Baja – Episode 5

Baja California, Mexico, is well known for the long-distance desert races that take place there multiple times per year. The Baja 500 and Baja 1000, for example, draw in thousands of spectators and hundreds of race teams. Many of the spectators and racers, however, get to truly experience the beautiful locations Baja has to offer.

Off-road legends Cameron Steele, Curt Leduc, Sal Fish, Bill Nichols, Jimmy Sones, Johnny Campbell, Frank DeAngelo, and others, have come together to work with BF Goodrich in creating the 50 Best Spots in Baja video series. Last video, episode four, covered sports 38 through 34. This episode will be covering spots 33 through 29.

33: La Rumorosa

La Rumorosa sits on the highest point accessible by road between Mexicali and Tecate. What makes this spot so special is the absolutely breathtaking views it gives. With massive cliffs dropping down as much as 4,000 ft, it’s both terrifying and amazing. A simple mistake on the road can result in a very long trip down a cliff.

“La Rumorosa is pretty massive huh? You’ve gotta be careful if you’re going to drive on that. We raced on it back in 2008. Super sketchy, I have to tell you,” said Cameron Steele.

32: “Seven Sisters”

The “Seven Sisters” refers to seven points going down the coast that are fantastic for surfing. The odd part about this location is how desolate it is. Down in Mexico, you won’t find a single soul at these beautiful locations. If these same points were in California, they would be crowded all the time.

“Seven Sisters. One of my favorite areas to ride is the Pacific Coast. There is so many canyons, ridges, beaches. Amazing surf in that area. I have never, ever, seen such a remote coastline that has wonderful beaches that there is nobody on,” said Johnny Campbell, 11-time Baja 1000 champion.

31: Punta Colonet

Punta Colonet is another extremely beautiful area along the Pacific Coast. While Cameron and his team were at this location showing it off, they were just in time for the sunset which was absolutely amazing. The small cliffs along the water reaching as high as 270 feet as measured by Cameron on his GPS system.

“One of the things that most people don’t know or haven’t heard about is that this Colonet point was supposed to be one of the largest ports in the world. There was a big land grab that happened about a decade ago and people have been talking about it since, but the good news is it hasn’t happened,” said Cameron.

30: “Punta Magico”

This next location is just referred to as “Punta Majico”, as it is a secret spot and Cameron would prefer to keep its exact location hidden. If you really want to find this location, however, it is likely possible with Google Maps. This spot is one of the coolest beaches in Baja with a large rock arch nearby, adding to the scenery.

29: Meling Ranch

The last location in this episode in Meling Ranch, which Cameron loves most for the people who are there, not the beautiful scenery. Meling Ranch is both a cattle ranch and a ranch for tourists to stay at.

“The Meling family, originally from Ireland and Norway, traveled to California looking for gold. With no success in California, the moved on to Texas to start ranching. After that, they traveled down to Baja and that’s where they found gold, and that is where the Meling Ranch became established,” said Casey Currie.

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