Video: 50 Best Spots In Baja – Episode 4


Baja California, Mexico, is home to some of the best and toughest off-road races in the world such as the Baja 1000. Every year thousands of spectators and hundreds of race teams gather in Baja California for the Baja 1000, but many of these visitors don’t do much outside the racing.

Baja is a beautiful desert oasis with many cool things to see and do, which is why BF Goodrich got together off-road legends Cameron Steele, Curt Leduc, Sal Fish, Bill Nichols, Jimmy Sones, Johnny Campbell, Frank DeAngelo, and others, to create the “Top 50 Spots in Baja” videos.

The last episode covered spots 42 through 39, ranging from beautiful towns to awesome dirt bike trails. This fourth episode will cover spots 38 through 34 with a variety of cool spots.

38: “Baja Grand Canyon”

This spot doesn’t really have an official name, but Cameron Steele likes to call it the “Baja Grand Canyon.” This location is all the way south on the peninsula and is pretty close to the Sea of Cortez. This area, much like the name suggests, is a vast area with similar characteristics to the actual Grand Canyon with massive cliffs and large mountains.

“Granted it’s not just like the Grand Canyon in the United States, it has it’s own flavor; it’s own Baja style. It has these massive drop-away ledges and the thing that I really feel is iconic about this Baja Grand Canyon is the different color rocks. If you take a look you see these crazy green rocks which we call the Incredible Hulk rocks and then you see all these different hues and different colors,” said Cameron.

37: Naranja Summit

Next on the list is another spot very far south in Baja. It’s in the mountains in-between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. What’s so special about this location is how different it is from the rest of Baja. Most of Baja is desolate desert, but the Naranja summit is a jungle. One of the crazy sights along the Naranja road is the trees which have exposed roots from growing out of the side of the hills.

36: Pine Forrest

Another non-desert location in Baja is the Pine Forrest located just south of the Mexico/US border. This location is home to one of Mexico’s national parks known as Laguna Hanson. It’s not an incredibly dense pine forest, but it’s similar to the forests of Arizona. “Laguna Hanson – pine trees, the lake – who would have ever thought you’d find something like this in Baja? Most people don’t realize there is this kind of stuff in Northern Baja,” Ryan Thomas.

34: Loreto

You may have noticed the lack of spot number 35. That’s because Cameron Steele and his crew have no footage of the location and rarely travel there. The 35th spot is Todo Santos. The 34th spot, Loreto, was once the capital of California and is home to where the Trail of Missions goes to. This is a super pretty town filled with friendly people. The Loreto Mission was founded in 1697 and it was the first mission to take hold.

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