Sticky Situation: SCOR+ To The Rescue For A Jeep On The Edge

Being on the trail can be a scary thing, but having a group that can help you out if bad luck comes your way is even better. Southern California Off-Road Recovery, SCOR+ for short, is a social media based group of good Samaritans. Created by Dwayne Howard of Redlands, he has connected off-roaders and currently has over 27,000 members in the group.

The Group is best known for its SOS page, which allows members to post their position using their cell phone’s GPS to send for assistance from other members. Most members find themselves in small situations which only require a small tug from a recovery strap to get out of mud, sand, or being high centered.

When a group member gets stuck the calvary is on the way.

Then there are those few who find themselves in some hairy situations like Leo Acosta found himself in. His Jeep Cherokee just had conquered Jeep Hill at Holy Jims Trail in Corona, CA and continuing the fun he came into a narrow trail which had a soft ledge and almost slid off.

Stuck with both differentials buried and off camber, he used recovery straps to anchor his vehicle to the nearest tree. The cliché of a small bird landing on the wrong side of a vehicle and sending it down the cliff seemed plausible.

SCOR+ members staging at the bottom of the narrow trail before the recovery attempt.

He had to hike back to the entrance to regain cell service and first thing was to post on SCOR+’s SOS page. Members quickly organized a plan and were on route to the rescue. Meeting at the trail head, the recovery team consisted of three Jeep Cherokees and five Jeep Wranglers all equipped with four-wheel-drive, winches, shovels, and more.

The team made its way up Jeep Hill and beyond where Leo’s vehicle was waiting to be rescued or where it sat to become another trail decoration. With the Jeep in sight, team members walked up the trail to access the situation and just as fast, devised a plan to pull it out.

Leo strategizing on how to get the Jeep out as it hangs on the side of the cliff.

Positioning a Wrangler in the front to pull with a winch and another Wrangler at the rear of the vehicle to help anchor it. Shovels came out to forge a clear path and an easier grade for the vehicle to be pulled out. With in minutes and with a little bit of encouraging Leos Cherokee was out! After a lot of thank-yous and

With in minutes and with a little bit of encouraging, Leo’s Cherokee was out. After a lot of thank yous and quite a few handshakes, victory had never tasted sweeter. Team Members were more than happy to volunteer their time and their equipment to help a fellow off roader in need.

Leo finally drives his Cherokee out in one piece.

Special Thanks to SCOR+ members Rich Henry, Andy Reed, Santini Alba, Isreael Escobar, Sam Drake, and Stevie Higinbotham. Be sure to check out the SCOR+ pages on Facebook. There is no fee to become a member, just join the group. Who knows one day you might be calling for SCOR+ members to come to your aide!

The after rescue thumbs up picture!

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