BFG KM3 001

With what seems like a new tire popping up every day, flagships continue to push the envelope on what a tire can do off-road. Something new was spotted down in Baja on Rob MacCachren’s prerunner – the BFGoodrich KM3.

The KM3 seen during the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event at Estero Beach are something we had heard through the grapevine may have been coming. The tire appears to be what we would consider a new hybrid tire.

Spotted in Rob MacCachren's pit at the LOORRS race in Estero Beach, Baja California were the all-new BFGoodrich KM3 hybrid tire.

Featured on this tire is the tread pattern on the KM2’s, but the sidewall look of the KO2’s. Little else is known about the tire, so we can just speculate. The off-road market’s desire for the perfect tire has been pushed to the point of creating a new breed of tires.

We will have to wait and see what the tire looks like underneath the skin. Could the tire have a thicker sidewall and new features or is this a straight copy and paste between the two tires? Those are all questions we will have to wait and find out.

Up close is the KM3 name, but also the details on the tire. The tire appears to feature the KM2 tread and the KO2 sidewall.

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