SEMA 2017: Putco Shines Through With LED Upgrades

Putco is working on expanding their lineup into more Jeep products, and they had some new all LED replacement tail lights to show off. Featuring chip-onboard technology, these are the currently the only Jeep taillights with sequential amber turn signals. Oh, and did we mention these things are BRIGHT? The reverse lights are rated at 1,200 lumens which really lit up the booth at SEMA during our demo. Expect to see these available in the first quarter of 2018.

Left: Sequential amber taillights from Putco are the first to the market. Right: 1,200 lumens of dark-piercing output!

Moving over to their truck products we finally got our hands on the Putco LED tailgate lightbars. Utilizing a polycarbonate construction, these tailgate lightbars offer extreme visibility in the harshest conditions with over 2,000 leds per bar. Although waterproof, heat isn’t an issue. Brad Bricker from Putco told us, “It actually dissipates heat very efficiently since it has a built-in heatsink. Heat and water is what kills LED products, but ours don’t need to worry about that at all.”

Of course when you want your truck to look as great as it performs, Putco has new stainless steel lettering. Many new trucks come with “Super-Duty”or similar wording molded into the tailgate, but nothing there to really show it off. Easy peal and stick letters from Putco are custom made for your truck, and fill in these imprints perfectly.

On to more work duty applications, Putco started off with origins in metal fabrication, and they’ve carried that through to their bumper and headache racks. With a nearly 100 percent aluminum construction, these truck add-ons not only increase the usability of your truck, but you do so without much weight penalty. Plus, they feature neat aluminum channel systems that provide a modular option to mounting accessories or hooks for your gear. Currently the F-150 and F-250 are supported, but they are expanding this line to all full-size trucks soon. Check out Putco for updates.

Looking closely you can see the channel grooves on the front bumper and headache racks. This allows easy and secure placement of add-ons without drilling or permanent mounting–modular design that makes sense!

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