At our recent outing to the 2017 Off-Road Expo, LubeLocker was one booth that caught our eye. Specializing in gaskets, the company is taking on RTV and paper gaskets and offering something they think is a lot better.

We spoke with LubeLocker’s A.J. Stoddard to get a better idea of what this was all about. “We produce premium differential and transmission gaskets that don’t leak and are self-sealing,” he said. “We use top-quality materials, namely foamet. It’s our base material with an aluminum cord and rubberized facing on both sides. We print our own special elastomer beading onto it.”

The foamet backing and elastomer beading are two of LubeLocker’s biggest draws when it comes to their gaskets.

To its credit, LubeLocker had on display various kinds of gaskets that it sells. We got to see examples for the Chrysler 42RLE (TJ and JK Wranglers), the Ford 9-inch rearend, and the Dana 44 rearend. These are very common drivetrain components in off-road, so it was good to see LubeLocker had offerings ready to go for a wide portion of off-roaders.

“We cover everything for the heavy hitters,” Stoddard commented. “Jeep, Dodge, Ford, and Chevy. We’re a little behind on Toyotas, but our R&D department is always cranking. We added 20 new part numbers this year already.”

Gaskets for the Ford 9-inch and 42RLE were on display at the booth.

Compliant, stable, and self-sufficient, the gaskets seemed like a great idea for off-roaders. “Our gaskets offer reliability, and can handle extreme pressure and temperature differences compared to others,” said Stoddard. “Also, we think our gaskets offer time savings. Hammering off a diff cover, scraping off the gasket – not my ideal Saturday. With our gasket, you clean it up before you install for the first time, and that’s the last time you ever have to clean it. Our gaskets can be reused in many situations.”

LubeLocker’s unconventional yet promising gaskets were cool to see at the Off-Road Expo. For more information, go ahead and check out the company’s website.