Laying Rubber Legally: Bully Dog DPF And SCT X-4 Spotted In The Shop

Since the diesel particulate filter (DPF) was brought into the diesel industry, truck owners were observing a way to gain better fuel mileage, horsepower, and torque while still keeping up with emissions standards. At Bully Dog, they’ve taken notice at the interest in doing just that.

Made from 304 and 409 stainless steel the Bully Dog performance DPF has a modular construction with V-band clamp that allows for easy service.

For the 2008-2010 6.4-liter, Ford Power Stroke, Bully Dog now offers a bolt-on performance DPF (PN 70000) that will boost all of those wanted traits to your pickup truck, legally. Utilizing this piece of art will do away with the restrictive factory filter and improve fuel mileage and lack of power.

DPF filters intercept soot particles in a wide range of sizes as the exhaust passes through the filters. The excess soot can be burned off with rising exhaust temperatures during a regen cycle which will get the flow going again, but still creates back pressure and restriction. Plain and simple, this is a cause for lost horsepower and decrease fuel mileage.

Peeking inside this performance DPF, you can see that this a quality piece.

This is where the performance DPF comes into play. It is equipped with an improved design filter that helps exhaust flow up to 21 percent better than stock through a 17 percent larger inlet. Bully Dog is seeing performance gains from just the DPF, but with the SCT X-4 tuner, we look to see how much more power can be made.

The SCT X-4 and the Bully Dog performance DPF are a great addition while trying to stay legal and pick up some horsepower.

The hardest part of gaining more horsepower and torque with the newer trucks is that manufacturers require emissions to stay in working order to keep the warranty on the vehicle. With the SCT X-4, it allows you to maximize that power potential, while keeping up with today’s emissions.

The SCT is a small handheld piece, that is easy to hold when changing those custom tunes on the fly.

The SCT X-4 (PN 7015), is the newest revision of the past SCT programmers. This comes preloaded with proven tune files that increase horsepower and torque. The X4 has enough space to hold up to 10 custom tunes at one time and readily available to change.

This SCT X-4 comes with the power cord as well as the USB for easy updates. We're ecstatic to see the difference in power numbers when we install the kit.

Other X4 features include built-in wifi, data logger, DTC clearing, full-color back-lit LCD screen, USB interface, and easy stock restoration. Stay tuned as we install these items and put them to the test on the dyno.

For more information on Bully Dog DPF’s check out their website and as well as information on the SCT X-4. What do you think about these new items? Do you have a 6.4 you’re looking to beef up? Let us know in the comments below!


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