SEMA 2017: Webasto Has Lunchtime On The Trail Covered

Black Forest Gear by Webasto had some great new gear to show off at SEMA this year, starting off with the new universal fridge-freezer (P/N 5012267). Utilizing both 12/24v DC and 115/230V AC for power, you’ll be able to keep food and drinks cold out on the trail.

Easy to read digital temperature readout.

Having a plug-in cooler eliminates the need for ice which ends up melting and sloshing around while off road. The Fridge Freezer also has a nice dial on the top which allows easy adjustment for what temperature you want your food to stay at (0°F to 50°F). This is a universal fridge/freezer so you can use it in any rig you want, too!

Black Forest also had some slick cargo slides (P/N 5012269) available as well. These are universal, and can be bolted down in nearly any application, but if you’ve got a 2 or 4 door JK, they have mounting baseplates (2DR P/N 5012362, 4DR P/N 5012271) which utilize factory mounting locations that require zero drilling or custom work. The cargo slides hold up to 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight, so it won’t matter if you’ve got a cooler full of drinks or a bag of gear and tools – these cargo slides can hold it.

Wrapping it all up is the Cargo Surround and Security Storage System (P/N 5012270), which works independently of the cargo slides. Using the cargo surround, you gain an additional shelf in the back of your Jeep which offers more storage space along with securing your gear when the tailgate is closed.

When it comes time to actually warming your food, Black Forest has you covered, too. The Trail Over (P/N 5011911A) allows you to easily reheat precooked food out on the trail. Gone are the days of wedging tamales or burritos in the engine bay and hoping it’s still there when you stop for lunch. This slick aluminum warming box is universal, but JK owners with the 3.6-liter engine can use the prefabbed brackets to secure this in their engine bay. Once installed, you can toss food into the trail oven and have hot food at lunch, but more importantly you’ll know it will still be there (no more lost lunch).

The final piece this year was the Throwback one-piece fabric folding roof for the Wrangler (P/N 5010061). This easy to use soft-top allows you the choice of open air freedom without the worry of changing trail conditions making you regret leaving the Freedom Panel at home. Want some fresh air? Throw open the top. Maybe a little too much sun, or unexpected bad weather? Close it right up!

Tyler Ruby from Black Forest tells us, “it’s a super easy install with no drilling or cutting, which uses all factory mounting points that are already there. The benefit is if you’re out driving on the trail, and you want to take in some sun, you can open the top without the burden of having to decide beforehand if you to leave the freedom panels in the garage.” For more info, check out Black Forest Gear.

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