SEMA 2017: Edge Products Unveils Horsepower Bundle

When you’re looking to up the power on your late model diesel, you usually start snooping around on the internet. Usually, you find what you want in two different places, and that’s usually how it’s ordered. What if could save money and still get the parts you want? You can, thanks to our friends at Edge Products.

Edge Products has been a leader in the industry for years when it comes to tuning and monitors and they want to further grow their brand and design some hard parts that will accommodate their tuning capabilities.

A tuner, intake, and exhaust can all unleash the power out of your truck.

“We wanted to build a bundle that would make for convenient purchase, save you money, and above all, gains you more power to your diesel,” said Jared Venz. “Edge monitors have been around for a number of years and these new kits come in Stage 1 and Stage 2.”

The kits come with an Edge Jammer Intake, Edge Jammer Exhaust, and an Edge CTS2 monitor. Collaborated together, you could see near 150-horsepower increase with the upgraded parts from Edge. “After gathering the costs of buying these or similar parts separately versus our bundle, it looks like you could save up to $130 with the bundle,” said Venz.

The convenience of ordering the parts from the same location, receiving all the parts at the same time, saving you money, and gaining horsepower. That sounds like a winning combination. For more information on Edge Products, be sure and check out their website. What’re your thoughts on the bundle from Edge? Be sure and let us know in the comments below!

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