Ford trucks owners frustrated with oil leaks and rust on their 7.3-liter Powerstroke engines are getting some love from Moroso. The company recently introduced a heavy-duty pan stamped out of 16 gauge steel — which is thicker than factory — and a triple coating that neutralizes any corrosion started by the welding process. Moroso also released a new, reusable oil-pan gasket for the 7.3L engine — which improves upon the factory silicone sealant method.

The coating process for the pan includes a zinc-phosphate base followed by a black 1-mil thick electrocoat and a gloss black epoxy powercoat. Inside there’s a anti-slosh baffle and magnetic drain plug. The pan also has a dipstick provision on the passenger side and front notch for clearance.

In other news, Moroso released a new pan for the Jeep 4.0-liter engine that provides 1.25 more quarts capacity and has a race-style 3-trap-door assembly to keep oil close to the pickup, even in severe off-road conditions. The pan will work with factory pump and pickup tube. It’s constructed form 16-gauge steel and comes with a yellow zinc dichromate finish.

Moroso addressed the needs of Mustang GT500 owners with the release of a replacement supercharger tank that holds 4.9 quarts. Made from aluminum, it can also be packed with ice for track or dyno pulls. And there’s also a new dual tank that combines the coolant and supercharger tank into one unit. Two styles are offered: one with factory screw caps on both sides and one with a fuel-cell style cap on the supercharger side.