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If we are honest with ourselves most of us would love to have our dream vehicle at a much younger age. Las Vegas native Cody Arnett set out to do just that. Growing up and going quading with his father and brothers was a common event. It was then that he developed a fondness for not only the desert, but the need for speed.

Arnett picked up a job at Southwest Cues at 16 years old in order to fund his dream. The precision and craftsmanship needed to perform his job was also manifest in his hobby as well. He set out to build the most capable prerunner he could.


Shortly thereafter he picked up his first of three Rangers. Larger tires were installed and the process of gathering the necessary long-travel parts began. He knew he was hooked and bought his second Ranger.

REWA_006While both Ranger projects were in the works he saw a listing for the Red Ranger on Dezert Rangers. For sale signs immediately went up on both project Rangers in order to secure the funds necessary to purchase it.

The modifications to his previous two Rangers were nearly identical as what had been done to the Red Ranger. The price was right and he was not going to let it slip through his grasp. It’s not very often that one finds their dream vehicle; many toil and bleed while building their project to perfection. However, both were true in this case, Arnett saw this prerunner as a perfect build that he just had to complete.


This beautiful paint job was laid down by Arnett and his father, Mike.

They brought the truck home with faded green paint that was begging to be covered up. He and his father Mike wasted no time in getting it ready for a head-turning paint job.

The ruby red metallic paint job Cody and his father laid down just for your attention. It draws you in and causes you to pay attention to all the other quality work done around the truck.

Front and rear tube work stand guard protecting this beauty from any obstacle in its path; whether out in the desert, on the local race course, or even the local shopping mall.


KC HID lights provide illumination ahead on those late night runs. Front and Rear Fiberglass fenders provided by Glassworks provide ample space to tuck those massive 35 inch tires on uneven terrain. A dual tire carrier setup in the rear guarantees a safe return even in the rare event of multiple blowouts.


Kevlar reinforced Goodyear MTR’s hug some deep set 15×8 Eagle Alloy 101b’s

Goodyear’s MTR’s with Kevlar reinforcement were chosen to provide the traction needed for the off road terrain. These tires are set off by a set of 15×8 Eagle Alloy 101b wheels with a deep offset to get that sexy stance off-road enthusiasts love.

Getting those 35×1250 R15 Goodyear’s to turn puts a ton of stress on the driveline components. Arnett took care of that issue early on by swapping the weak stock axle out for the robust Explorer 8.8.

Camburg was consulted to provide the front suspension components. Boasting a massive 14 plus inches of travel. The rear travel is matched with Giant Motorsports 64 inch long travel leaf packs made specifically for the rangers.

REWA_090All that travel is paired with King coil-overs up front and smooth bodies in the rear allowing Cody to hit the desert with the smoothest ride. The rear shocks are set up into the bed to offer the most travel possible. Hippo Liner has been applied to the entire bed surface to disallow movement of any gear he puts back there.

Rounding out the modifications, we take a look at the interior. Seemingly plain, this cockpit has everything he needs within his reach to tame this beast.

Holding the driver and navigator securely are a set of Bride seats. Cody replaced the stock steering wheel and installed a Momo steering wheel to better suit his driving needs.


The Red Ranger is equipped with a premium audio system ready to be hooked up to any phone. What can you say, you have to have tunes while you’re blasting through the desert.

What would an awesome race truck be if it didn’t have push button start? All he has to do is jump in and push a button and he’s off on another run into the desert.

While Arnett picked up this truck already well built and ready for the desert he is definitely not done. He plans to upgrade the motor and transmission. While the stock 4.0 liter v6 is adequate for now; there are far loftier plans in store for this Ranger. Currently the motor and transmission are fairly stock minus a few modifications. A K&N intake has been installed to help deliver air into the motor while a Flowmaster 10 Series and short tube headers set the tone for this truck.

Don't let the stock looking interior fool you, it has been purposely appointed with only the essentials.

Don’t let the stock looking interior fool you, it has been purposely appointed with only the essentials.

It’s safe to say this Red Ranger already turns heads. I for one cannot wait for Arnett to swap in the Ford 5.0 liter V8. Can you imagine hearing this beast from miles away just bouncing off the rev limiter?

Arnett’s plans are not just limited to the motor, plans are already in the works to get a LED light bar installed above the windshield. In addition to the KC lights already on the tube bumper this thing will surely light up the terrain on the darkest of nights.

REWA_131Arnett’s love of off-roading is what he wants to share with others. He frequently heads out on runs with a few of his buddies; often with others he has just met. Not only for safety reasons but to share the enjoyment he gets from building and driving a prerunner.

Arnett attributes his love of the sport to his father and brothers, who not only encouraged him in his dream but have helped him with their own blood and sweat make to his dream truck a reality. Do you think he is on the right path? Tell us in the comments below!

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