Power and Performance High Octane Gear and Apparel to Your Doorstep

Looking good has never been this easy! Turn your gearhead friends green with envy after visiting the Power and Performance High Octane apparel collection. T-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies, and hats from some of your favorite brands range from $25 to $45. These fresh designs will look right at home in the garage, track, trails, car meets or wherever enthusiasts gather.

“Power Automedia is thrilled to unveil Power and Performance Apparel, where style meets horsepower,” stated Brian Havins, Director of Content and Consumer Marketing. “Our curated collection celebrates the automotive lifestyle, offering enthusiasts a chance to revamp their wardrobe with pieces that reflect their passion for all things fast and furious.”

Chevy Hardcore

An American Icon

Show your Chevrolet love with the Chevy Hardcore Small Block T-Shirt! An essential for true enthusiasts, it’s bold, powerful, and perfect for showcasing your passion for the legendary American brand. Made by Chevy Hardcore, this shirt is a stylish nod to all things Chevrolet.

Chevy Hardcore Logo

Rock your Chevy pride in the Chevy Hardcore Logo T-Shirt! A must-have for any Chevy enthusiast, it features the iconic logo and a simple, eye-catching design by Chevy Hardcore. Perfect for the road or car shows, make a statement wherever you go.

View the full Chevy Hardcore collection HERE.

Diesel Army

Your Girlfriend Said Size Does Matter

Rev up your humor and horsepower with the “Your Girlfriend Said Size Does Matter” T-shirt! It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a hilarious ode to diesel love. Perfect for truck enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates the roar of powerful engines. Join the Diesel Army in style – because who said diesel heads can’t laugh as loud as their engines?

Diesel Army Logo

Answer Diesel Army’s call with a comfortable Diesel Army Hoodie – a must-have for dedicated diesel enthusiasts! More than just a warm hoodie, it’s your exclusive pass to a community tailored for diesel lovers. Whether you’re a powerhouse puller, a drag strip daredevil, a functional diesel guru, or simply love diesel trucks, Diesel Army is your command center. Join the movement, propel your diesel pursuits with insider knowledge on every aspect of the diesel market, and let this inviting hoodie speak volumes.

View the full Diesel Army collection HERE.


Only My Wife Is Disappointed When I Go 8 Seconds

Prepare to elevate your style with the “Only My Wife is Disappointed When I Go 8 Seconds” t-shirt from Dragzine! Perfect for speed lovers with a sense of humor. Whether you’re at the racetrack or just chilling, this shirt guarantees a bold style upgrade and plenty of chuckles.

Dragzine “In Motion”

This long-sleeved shirt isn’t just about style – it’s about the passion and dedication that comes with being a drag racing enthusiast. Featuring a cool arm print, this shirt is a must-have for any drag racing fan. Show the world that you’re a part of the Dragzine racing community. Get your Dragzine Long Sleeve now and join the drag racing revolution!

View the full Dragzine collection HERE.


Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

Say hello to the Electrified Tomorrow’s Technology, Today Shirt – the wardrobe essential for tech aficionados with a taste for tomorrow’s thrills! This shirt not only covers you in style but also shouts “Tomorrow’s Technology, Today,” as if your wardrobe is a crystal ball for innovation. Let your attire be the voice of support for the electric vehicle revolution, and trust Electrified to be your stylish GPS for the future of transportation. Buckle up for an electrifying journey with a shirt to match.

Electrified Logo

Make a bold statement with this t-shirt (also available in a hoodie or long-sleeve) featuring the striking ELECTRIFIED logo. Perfect for those who want to show their love for electric vehicles and sustainable transportation, this shirt is a must-have for any eco-conscious individual. Strap in and let your fashion make the noise since your vehicle doesn’t.

View the full Electrified collection HERE.


EngineLabs Logo

The EngineLabs Logo T-Shirt is an essential item for individuals with a keen interest in engine building. This science of horsepower is distilled into T-shirt form, suitable for a range of occasions, whether they be around town, at the track, or in the shop. The shirt’s simple yet fashionable design showcases the EngineLabs logo on the front and rear, enabling you to proudly display your love for internal combustion engines.

Just Boost It

Cozy up in the EngineLabs “Just Boost It” Hoodie – your ultimate comfort zone for embracing your inner horsepower enthusiast! This hoodie isn’t just about warmth; it’s a snug declaration for those who live and breathe performance engines. Showcase your passion for boost. Join the crew of high-PSI minds fixated on pushing the boundaries of performance. Get ready to explore the world of horsepower in a hoodie that wraps you in warmth!

View the full EngineLabs collection HERE.

Ford Muscle

Fox Body

Time to rock the retro road with this long-sleeved shirt – the ultimate style upgrade for all you blue oval enthusiasts, especially those riding the Fox Body Mustang wave from the rad ’80s! Whether you’re hitting the scene at car shows or cruising the streets with that unmistakable Fox Body swagger, this shirt is your essential gear. Get ready to unleash some serious head-turning magic and make a statement as bold as a neon-lit Mustang. It’s not just a shirt; it’s your key to rocking that ’80s Fox Body Stang!

Ford Muscle Logo

This exclusive design captures the essence of Ford Muscle Magazine, dedicated to covering the best of Ford performance. Whether you’re a fan of classic Mustangs or the latest S550 models, this t-shirt showcases your love for all things blue oval. Join the Ford Muscle crew and show off your passion for Ford power with this stylish and comfortable t-shirt.

View the full Ford Muscle collection HERE.

LSX Magazine

LSX Logo

Rev up your style with the LSX Magazine Logo Tee! Dive into the heart of LSX, this shirt is your passport to the #1 source of LS1 to the latest Gen V and beyond coverage. Embrace the sleek style of the LSX logo and make a powerful statement. Grab yours now and wear the essence of automotive excellence!

LS Swap the World Hoodie

Introducing the “LS Swap the World” Hoodie – your go-to gear for flaunting LS pride wherever you roll! Ideal for making a statement at car shows, track days, or just kicking back casually. Join the LSX crew and let this hoodie be your boss move, proudly displaying your passion for engine swaps that break the mold. Gear up and show the world you’re ready to LS Swap the World!

View the full LSX collection HERE.

OffRoad Xtreme

Classic Bronco

Amp up your off-road swagger with our Classic Bronco Hoodie – the must-have for 4×4 enthusiasts who eat dirt for breakfast! Whether you’re conquering trails, engaging in off-road races, or just crawling over rocks, this hoodie is your cozy companion for all things rugged and rowdy. Designed for warmth and coolness (both temperature-wise and style-wise), this hoodie is as classic as the Bronco itself. Why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary and toasty?

OffRoad Xtreme Logo

Conquer the trails in style with our Off Road Xtreme Tee – your ideal companion for every adventure! Styled for 4×4 enthusiasts, this shirt features the classic Off Road Xtreme logo that embodies your adventurous spirit. Elevate your off-road wardrobe and hit the trails with confidence. Count on Off Road Xtreme to be your steadfast style companion as you tackle the off-road journey!

View the full OffRoad Xtreme collection HERE.

Street Muscle

Summer of ’69

Level up your style with this classic Camaro tee! A must for muscle car fans and those grooving with the unforgettable late ‘60s era. Giving a nod to classic cars, the design showcases a ’69 Camaro in a laid-back look. This tee is the epitome of Detroit Iron style, allowing you to cruise with your vintage car love wherever life takes you. 

Street Muscle Logo

Get loud and proud in this Street Muscle logo t-shirt – the must-have tee for muscle car fanatics. It’s got a logo so stylish, even your neighbor’s lawnmower will envy it. Street Muscle is for folks who simply love American muscle cars. Picture yourself embodying the spirit of raw, unbridled muscle car love – that’s what the Street Muscle tee promises. Grab one before your garage starts feeling left out!

View the full Street Muscle collection HERE.

Humor, classic style, modern style… There’s a shirt for every body. There are limited quantities on the initial run of t-shirt and long-sleeve designs, so get them while they are hot! We’ll be launching new designs throughout the year, so stay tuned for more Power and Performance High Octane Gear and Apparel. 

All major credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and Shop Pay. Shipping is calculated at check out and your order is confirmed via email.

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