SEMA 2012: A Look Through The New Products Showcase

New Products Featured in this Story:

  • K&N cold air intake for ZR1
  • K&N cold air intake for ZL1
  • COMP/RHS LS7 cylinder heads
  • PRW LS billet valve cover risers
  • Litespeed Racing 5G Camaro exhaust
  • QA1 sway bars and coil-overs for 5G Camaro
  • K-Mac Suspension pieces for G8/GTO/5G Camaro
  • Lingenfelter rear differential cooler for 5G Camaro
  • Squash Performance fuel system for 5G Camaro
  • Goodridge Phantom brake lines for ZL1

So while at SEMA this year, we went to the new products section to check out all of the latest parts the industry will be supplying us with for 2013. Below you will find all of the entries that are relevant to our magazine.

We’ve grouped them together in order of intake, engine, exhaust, and suspension so you can scroll down the page and find the parts that pertain to your particular project car. Or you can take the time to check out all of the featured components below like we did.

Air Intakes

As we started walking down the aisle, the first LS-related product that caught our attention was K&N‘s cold air intake that’s designed just for the 2009-13 Corvette ZR1. K&N is no stranger to high performance filters and air intakes, and this unit is business as usual. A large conical filter and a restriction-less intake tube optimizes performance to the max. 

Is your 638hp ZR1 too slow? Then hook your Vette up with one of these!

A couple of spots over, we caught a glimpse of another new offering from K&N: the Camaro ZL1 intake system. Released just a couple of months ago, this intake is intended for use for all 2012-13 Camaro ZL1’s, and offers all of the same benefits as the Corvette ZR1 kit. If you’re looking for increased horsepower & torque, along with an improved soundtrack, then look into these K&N intakes for your car.

The K&N Camaro ZL1 intake increases horsepower, torque, overall performance and improved intake sound.

Engine Modifications

Once we took some time checking out the K&N intake systems, we went in search of more serious engine mods. There weren’t very many this year in the New Products display, but the first one we found was impressive.

One of the best mods you can do to any LS engine is a high-flowing set of cylinder heads, and these CNC-ported COMP/RHS Pro-Elite LS7 aluminum castings. Engineered for the hardcore, big-inch street cars, theses COMP/RHS heads are perfect for the guys running large cubes in a street car. They arrive at your door fully assembled, making installation essentially a direct bolt-in affair.

Since we’re talking about cylinder heads, we might as well discuss these new billet aluminum valve cover risers from PRW Industries. Measuring 3/4-inch tall, and designed for the 1997-2011 Gen-III engine platform, these risers provide extra room for the use of larger roller rockers. Silicone gaskets are also included when you order these from PRW.


The only LS exhaust upgrade that we spotted in the New Products category was this system from Litespeed Racing. Manufactured from titanium and available as an axle-back or a full cat-back upgrade, this exhaust system is manufactured specifically for 5th-generation Camaro models.

Litespeed Racing, mostly known for their expertise in the import scene, have developed an exhaust system for the 5G Camaros.

Titanium brings enthusiasts the luxury of having 1/3 the weight of steel, while Litespeed incorporated a unique patent design that gives any Camaro a distinctive sound that’s not like any other exhaust system out there.


Whether you’re into drag racing, autocrossing, or just want improved handling and a lowered ride height for the street, there’s no deny that having a killer suspension setup is important. There were plenty of suspension components on hand at SEMA for enthusiasts to drool over.

First up was QA1‘s adjustable coil-overs for 2010+ 5th-Gen Camaros. As part of their HS-, HR-, and HD-Series, these coil-over kits offer enthusiasts multiple adjustability for your application, plus improved handling and the ability to adjust your ride height.

They are fully serviceable and rebuildable by QA1, and bolt-in to your factory mounting holes and locations. If you want the perfect coil-over system, get in touch with QA1 today.

But you can’t upgrade your suspension with just a coil-over system. There are other aspects to look at. Like the lower control arms, end links, bushings, and sway bars.

Amazingly, we just happened to stumble upon just that further down the isle with these QA1 5G Camaro adjustable sway bars and K-Mac Suspension adjustable lower control arms, end links, and bushing kits.

Both of these kits will improve over all traction and handling of a 2010+ Camaro, while the K-Mac pieces will benefit the 2008-09 G8 and 2004-06 GTO as well.

K-Mac end links and QA1 swaybars will make your 5G Camaro handle like it's on rails. The sway bars will work for 2004-06 GTO and 2008-09 G8's too!


Wouldn’t it be rad if someone made a clutch that could handle 1400hp, that would be completely livable for street use? Quarter Master does.

Since the following products cover multiple aspects of the car, we’ve decided to compile them into this final category.

The first is the Quarter Master Optimum SR 10.4-inch two-disc clutch from COMP that’s made just for our LS-powered vehicles. These clutches are capable enough to handle up to 1400hp and 1000 ft.-lbs. of torque, but provides a soft pedal feel – enough to rely on in your daily-driver everyday.

For the road racer or drag racer looking to prolong the life of their rear differential, should look into the Lingenfelter rear differential cooler. These were designed to fit into the 2010-13 Camaro SS, this is just what the doctor ordered for those late-model ‘Maros seeing serious track duty.

It includes a temperature controlled fan, electric pump, and all of the necessary mounting hardware and wiring for easy installation.

Are you an owner of a 2010+ Camaro SS owner looking for some additional cooling for your rear differential? Then check out the Lingenfelter rear differential cooler – perfect fro serious drag and road racing applications.

For those looking to run an alternative fuel, you might find this E85 compatible, drop-in fuel system kit particularly interesting. Developed by Squash Performance,  it’s able to handle up to 1500hp. It’s integrated with the OEM bucket to reduce the effects of fuel slosh within the tank.

The return-style wiring harness assures that the driver receives maximum power while on a road course or a dragstrip. Easy installation and the ability to use the stock jet pump system.

The Squash E85 fuel system supports 1500hp, while the Goodridge brake lines reinforce your braking system.

We’ve talked about adding power, handling, and cooler, but what about bringing all that performance to a stop? Well if you’re a Camaro ZL1 owner, then you should look into these Phantom brakeline kits from Goodridge. These help prevent volumetric expansion typically associated with the factory lines.

They replace the OEM rubber lines with these black poly-coated stainless braided lines that improve braking performance and consistency. Everything is included for easy installation.


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