Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades

Elevate the off-road culinary experience this holiday season with our Off-Road Camp Kitchen Gift Guide. For enthusiasts who appreciate both adventure and a good meal, we’ve curated a collection of top-tier upgrades. To review, our Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide has already covered stocking stuffer giftsoff-road gear, and overlanding must-haves will round it out.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades

Now we are onto highlight portable grills and compact kitchen essentials, these gifts ensure that off-road escapades are accompanied by delicious, well-prepared meals. Dive into our guide and sample these flavorful gifts that blend the thrill of off-roading with the delightful aroma of outdoor cooking. It’s time to take the off-road culinary journey to new heights!

Camp Kitchen Gift: Opinel Five-Piece Nomad Cooking Kit

The Opinel Five-Piece Nomad Cooking Kit is an adventure-ready mini cutlery kit ready to create a great meal outdoors. From quick picnics at the viewpoint to full meals prepared at your campsite this set can do it all. The quality blades and utensils are absolutely superb and made to last.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The kit includes a No.12 Serrated Folding Knife (excellent for cutting breads or tough rinds), a No.10 Corkscrew Knife & Bottle Opener (perfect for wine and cheese picnics!), a No.06 Folding Peeler (comes in handy when you need to peel veggies for dinner), a 8-inch by 5-inch cutting board and a microfiber cleaning cloth that doubles as a folding carry pouch for all the pieces of the kit. Lightweight and sturdy, the Nomad Cooking Kit is ideal for any outdoor activity or camp kitchen. For $89, this little kit is a huge value.

If you are not into a pack, these items can also be purchased individually at great prices.

Five-Piece Nomad Cooking Kit Main Features:

  • Cutting Board – 8 inches x 5 inches x .5 inches
  • No.12 Serrated – 11.2 inches x 1.25 inches x 1.25 inches
  • No.10 Corkscrew with Bottle Opener – 9 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch
  • No.06 Folding Peeler – 6.2 inches x .75 inches x .75 inches
  • Cleaning/Carry Cloth – 13 inches x 13 inches

Camp Kitchen Gift: ikamper Disco Series Outdoor Cooking Station

The ikamper Disco Series Outdoor Cooking Station features extreme versatility, and compact portability, and offers multiple cooking configurations. the Disco comes complete with the Skillet, Tripod, Stove, and Table. The purchase price is a bit of a gulp at $490 but a man has to eat.

ikamper Disco Series Main Features:

  • Non-stick premium enamel-coated cast iron pan
  • Easy care: no seasoning needed, hand-wash with soap & water
  • Food Safe: no heavy metals or environmental hormones
  • Heavy-duty: thick, heat-resistant anodized aluminum tripod
  • Deploys in seconds
  • Adjustable height: cook standing up, sitting down, or anywhere in between
  • Compact: 4.8 inches by 22 inches when closed
  • Rigid legs with rubber feet can be used on different terrain
  • Included Accessories: pulley system & chain to be used for cooking over the fire
  • Durable and Versatile stove
  • Easy to carry with its included pouch
  • Adjustable and convenient table
  • Accessory hanger rail & cup holders

Camp Kitchen Gift: Guzzle H2O Overland Bundle

Having access to clean and potable water can sometimes be a struggle. For overlanders and adventurers, water can be the final factor that determines your expedition’s timeline and cutoff point. The Guzzle H2O Stream Overland Bundle features everything a traveler needs to stay hydrated during an extended journey. The stream, pump, and filter, purify water from a creek or lake and transfers it to your vehicle, or container, using the 30-foot outlet hose.

The Guzzle H2O Stream is the only way to fill your vehicle’s tanks directly from natural water sources that I know of. This exclusive luxury will cost $1,288.

Stream Overland Bundle Main Features:

  • HIGH FLOW: Max flow rate 1.1 gallons (4L) / min (Pressurized Mode) & 0.75 gallons (~ 3L) / min (Pumping Mode)
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: LED UV-C purification is 3rd party tested to inactivate 99.99% of bacterial, protozoa, and viruses* and is NSF 55 listed
  • EFFECTIVE FILTRATION: 0.5-micron Activated Carbon Block Filtration is highly effective at reducing sediment, chlorine taste and odor, VOCs, NSF 41 emerging contaminants, lead, mercury, and other chemical contaminants**
  • LOW COST: Carbon Block filter capacity up to 1000 gallons per cartridge, low-cost replacement
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Rechargeable LiFePO4 battery provides: 32 gallons of filtered and purified drinking water @ .75 GPM flow rate (Pumping Mode) and 90 gallons of filtered and purified drinking water @ 1.1 GPM flow rate (Pressurized Mode)
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE: Use with any freshwater source
  • EFFECTIVE IN SILTY WATER: 1-micron prefilter screens sediment
  • APPROVED: All components NSF listed or FDA-approved materials
  • WATERPROOF: IP67 inside and out

Camp Kitchen Gift: Canyon Coolers

Just as important as clean water, is proper and adequate food storage. Gone are the days of the cheap styrofoam gas station coolers. Today’s modern coolers utilize state-of-the-art materials, computer-aided modeling and design, and modern construction methods.

It is safe to say there are many options and new cooler brands on the market. A well-established company is Canyon Coolers. They have been in the game since 2011 and worked to produce top-quality coolers to support adventurous Grand Canyon rafting trips and epic elk hunts. Canyon Coolers is an enthusiast-based company and its claim to fame is the premium purpose-built cooler designs and the unmatched lifetime no-hassle, guaranteed for life, warranty.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades - Canyon Coolers

Mule 30 Quart Cooler

My favorite cooler in the lineup is easily portable and multi-functional. The Mule 30 Quart Cooler in Black Granite has it all. The large durable hard-wearing rolling wheels and telescoping handle make getting 32 quarts of the cold good stuff from one location to another a breeze. There is an integrated jungle cord bungee on top of the cooler lid for additional storage and transport. The best part about the cooler is that it holds 2-liter bottles upright. Normally its purchase price is $290 but right now it can be bought for just over $245.

Mule 30 Quart Cooler Main Features:

  • 33% more wall insulation than other super cooler brands
  • A telescoping handle with smart integration lets you open the lid while the handle is extended.
  • The perfect backyard bar car for parties.
  • Integrated jungle bungee strap
  • Integrated bottle opener and cup holders
  • Utility Patent # US 9,163,871
  • Covered by Canyon’s no-hassle, lifetime warranty with free parts.
  • Eco-certified insulation is extreme pressure-injected for maximum ice retention
  • Bombproof Rotomolded Plastic
  • AirTight insulating seal
Best Use Multi-day
Type Wheeled, Hard Sided
Capacity (Quarts) 30
Capacity (12 oz. cans) 20 max ice retention / 40 Max Capacity
Exterior Dimensions 18 x 18 x 17.25
Interior Dimensions 11 x 12 x 12.5
Weight 28 lbs.
Material Rotomolded Kayak Plastic

Outfitter 125 Quart Cooler

It is also a great idea to have a huge chest ready to support massive cooling needs. Canyon Coolers’ Outfitter 125 Quart Cooler is the one! Surprisingly this is not the biggest Canyon Cooler on the deck, but it more than satisfies all my needs. This big ol’ hog will keep ice chilled for 7-20+ days depending on environmental conditions and use.
Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades - Canyon Coolers

Outfitter 125 Quart Cooler Main Features:

  • A big cooler, perfect for extended trips or group sizes.
  • Sleek design packs better in your vehicle or boat with no snags, and no protrusions.
  • Will keep ice for 7-20+ days, depending on environmental conditions and use.
  • One-piece bombproof construction for a lifetime of use.
  • Covered by Canyon’s free parts and no-hassle, lifetime warranty.
  • Baskets Sold Separately.
Best Use Multi-day
Type Hard Sided
Capacity (Quarts) 125
Capacity (12 oz. cans) 49 max ice retention / 98 max capacity
Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH) 35 x 20.25 x 20.25
Interior Dimensions (LxWxH) 28 x 16 x 16
Weight 40.5 lbs.
Material Rotomolded Kayak Plastic

Camp Kitchen Gift: Hitchfire Ultimate Cooking Station

Have you ever been driving down the highway and seen some guy driving around with a full-size patio BBQ grill in the back of his truck? I have and I have also seen dozens on the roadside that never made it back home. I thought to myself that must be a hassle to load up. Well, the folks at Hitchfire must have thought the same thing.

They were able to develop a fantastic hitch-mounted BBQ grill system that kicks butt and is durable enough to take on the trail for off-road and overland adventures. Now since that initial product launch, they have been keen on developing a whole eco-system of products that can support your cooking and meal-prep needs on your next trail run.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades - HitchFire

Ultimate Cooking Station

One of those items is the Ultimate Cook Station. This is also a hitch-mounted dual-purpose cargo and cooking solution. Built on their Ledge XL Cargo Platform, the Cook Station boasts a 38-inch x 24-inch storage and food prep surface, a slide-out sink basin, and a single burner stove.

Designed to open a world of possibilities, the Cook Station provides a durable portable kitchen solution and maximizes your cargo-carrying capabilities. The Cook Station utilizes HitchFire’s exclusive swing arm for easy access to the back of the vehicle. The stout removable side rails and integrated mounting points allow you to store your cooler, jerry cans, firewood, and more outside your vehicle. The sink basin can be used with a gravity water system or can be paired with a Dometic Go rechargeable electric faucet.

This is a super deluxe multi-purpose setup that was thoughtfully designed to be most useful and efficient. For all of that, you have to serve up $999 for the Ultimate Cook Station or you can piece-meal certain components for your own DIY setup.

Ultimate Cooking Station Main Features:

  • Pivots on a 180° swing arm
  • 38 inches x 24 inches surface
  • Mounting holes for straps and hooks
  • Slide out Sink Basin
  • Slide out single burner stove
  • Dometic Go Battery Powered Faucet
  • 1lb Propane Refill Kit
  • Eazy Supplies Rig Caddy Cup Holder & Tray
  • Removable rails
  • 2-year warranty

Camp Kitchen Gift: Dometic Hydration Jug And Water Faucet

Water storage and dispensing are always a crucial part of any off-road activities. Hauling water can be cumbersome but now Dometic has stepped up off-grid water containment and the totally tricked-out remote running faucet package is the real ticket. With this system, you can convert your primitive camping arrangement into the next level of sophisticated comfort. This stuff packs and pours but it will spill about $170 for the whole setup.

Dometic engineers sorted this out with a highly creative and user-friendly remote battery-powered spout. The Dometic Hydration Water Faucet has a magnetic base and remote magnetic landing pads that dispense 1 liter a minute. It runs 150 liters off of one charge, auto primes, has a 1-minute cut-off and comes with a built-in LED Light on the pour spout. The system also allows for inline filtering for a sealed ecosystem.

Hydration Water Jug 11L – Retail $69.99

  • Volume-maximizing design of up to 11 liters
  • Multiple dispensing options are built-in, including two openings for easy filling, dispensing, and cleaning
  • Designed to be easy to carry from car to campsite
  • Fits in the space behind your vehicle’s wheel well

Hydration Water Faucet – Retail $100

  • Transforms any water container into a running water system with no external power source required
  • Simple one-touch operation with automatic shutoff for water conservation
  • Integrated LED light for nighttime/low-light use
  • Includes magnetic base for faucet placement on other surfaces

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

We hope you all enjoyed this detailed overview of the fantastic gear featured in our Off Road Xtreme Holiday Gift Guide. We have already covered stocking stuffer gifts and off-road gear and we have more on tap and in the pipeline. Perhaps we have inspired some generous gift-giving or educated some on new premium equipment. Either way happy holidays, and Merry Christmas. Cheers from Off Road Xtreme!

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