Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Most dads love camping. Well, if they play the role of off-road enthusiast, it is a sure bet that they love being outdoors which also includes camping. That probably means Dad could use some camp upgrades. His old cooler is busted with only one hinge, no latches, and does not hold water any better than it keeps ice frozen. The tent in the garage has a bunch of parts missing and what is actually leftover is being held together with bungee cords. That fowl sleeping bag is not fit for a dog bed. It is past time he gets some camp upgrades, gear, tech, and comfort items that were made in this century.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

What is the first thing Pop does when setting up camp? If he is anything like me it is time to break open the cooler!

Roam 50qt Rolling Rugged Cooler

At the Overland Expo, I came across the Roam Adventure Co booth looking to see what new equipment they had brought. The thing that stood out to me most was their Rolling Rugged Coolers. 

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Known for their high-quality adventure-derived camping equipment and hard cases, Roam did not skimp out on the rugged coolers. Besides the superb craftsmanship, Roam implemented serious hardware inside and all around. The main features are Rope Handles, Steel Hinges, Single Finger Latches, Rubberized Rolling Wheels, and Padded Aluminum Pull Handle. Made out of low-density polyethylene thermoplastic, all of Roam’s coolers come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s craftsmanship warranty.

The 50qt Rolling Rugged Cooler will keep Dad’s drinks frosty and perishables on ice for $359. The non-rolling coolers and smaller units start at $169.

Roam Rolling Rugged Cooler Product Features and Specifications:

  • Capacity: 50 Quarts
  • Color Options: Slate Gray, OD Green, and Desert Tan
  • Material: LDPE
  • Rope Handles, Steel Hinges, Single Finger Latches, Rubberized Rolling Wheels, and Padded Aluminum Pull Handle
  • Exterior Dimensions: 26” W x 18.50” D x 18.5” H
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime manufacturer’s craftsmanship warranty
  • Weather Tight Seal
  • Included Storage Basket
  • Removable Cup Holder
  • Cutting Board/Internal Divider
  • Single finger action latches (open/close)
  • Lockable Lid
  • Tie Down Channels
  • Grip Grab Handles
  • Adjustable Pull Handles
  • Drain Plug
  • Padded Aluminum Pull Handle
  • Rubberized Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Pin Hinge
  • Bottle opener
  • Cable Lock Bracket

What happens if your pops needs to keep his goods packed up and frozen? When a modern ice chest will not do, it is time to consider a portable electric fridge freezer combo. 

Dometic CFF 70DZ Pack Powered Cooler

We have all seen them on the gram and the cool guy at camp might have one too. But are these heavy electric coolers worth the heavy price? If you do not want to worry about managing ice, avoiding water logged groceries, and want the option to freeze and chill, then yes! It will take Dad about one overnight trip to come around on the Dometic CFF 70DZ Pack Powered Cooler as a worthy camp upgrade. After the convenience of use, and the expanded meal capabilities, it makes for an easy sell at just under $1350. 

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Speaking of convenience, the dual compartment configuration seems like the ticket since it allows for cooling and freezing simultaneously on either side. 70 cubic liters of spacious and flexible storage makes it easy to find just what he is craving. And when it gets dark, the Dometic fridge freezer cooler features interior LED lighting that automatically illuminates when the lid opens. The powered cooler has both AC and DC socket inputs to keep it running.

Weighing in at under 27-kilograms, the CFF 70DZ stretches every one of its 70-liters of volume – resulting in one of Dometic’s most economical fridge/freezers yet. The interior storage allocation and dual zone layout with independent zone control are at the forefront of this design offering a wide range of flexible solutions. A VMSO² controlled compressor results in moderate power draw from the battery, making the Dometic CFF 70DZ a great choice for adventurers truly living mobile.

Dometic offers dozens of portable electric fridge freezers to choose from that start at just $215.

Dometic CFF 70DZ Pack Powered Cooler Product Features and Specifications:

  • Cools between 10°C and -18°C, in either compartment
  • 70 liter volume capacity
  • Weighs 26.40 kilograms
  • 443 mm deep x 500 mm height x 914 mm width
  • Dual zone storage compartments in a 40-liter / 30-liter split configuration
  • User-friendly lid hinge design 
  • Fits standard 2 liter bottles upright with ease

Ok a portable fridge freezer is cool but how would Dad power it up? He would need a portable power supply. For that we again turn to Dometic.

Dometic PLB40 Portable 40 Ah Lithium Battery

Capable of delivering constant and reliable mobile power for up to forty hours is the Dometic PLB40 Portable 40 Ah lithium battery. That is right! This little juice box can power Dad’s new fridge freezer and other 12-volt devices for up to forty hours on a single charge. For being a super lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate battery in a compact design, this little giant offers off-grid freedom and independence.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

The high-quality construction and premium materials is what makes this Dometic portable power supply stand out and above. A built-in LCD screen displays the charging status, and available power output. In the back Dad can juice up the battery with a 12-volt socket, solar panel input, or AC power.

Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery Product Features:

  • Rated battery capacity, [Ah] 40
  • Powerful battery cells provide 512 Wh of energy, 40 Ah
  • Battery type: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Weighs 7.54-kilograms
  • 197 mm deep x 257 mm height x 197 mm width
  • Input voltage (DC), [V] 12
  • Output voltage, [V] 12
  • Output current, [A] 15

Neat stuff! The Dometic portable battery can power up Dad’s portable appliances and other devices. But how can he keep the juice flowing and the batteries charged without straining the vehicle? Solar panels are the easy answer. 

Zamp Solar Obsidian® Series 100-Watt Portable Kit – Regulated

Zamp Solar is one of the only US-based off-grid solar manufacturers and was recently acquired by Dometic in 2021. Their premium-level products are highly-engineered to last a lifetime. So when Dad’s rig is clunking and banging down the trail, having a durable and portable setup is key to sustainable power. 

The Solar Obsidian® Series 100-Watt Portable Kit is contained in a low profile carrying case. Ready to deploy and start charging in seconds, it is the ultimate solution in flexible mobility. Having recently tested one out, it was literally up and running as soon as I took it out of the box. Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon, these 100-watt panels generate enough power for longer off-grid adventures. To power up Dad’s next adventure, you will get charged with a $649.99 bill. 

Solar Obsidian® Series 100-Watt Portable Kit Product Features and Specifications:

  • Patented OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-watt solar panel
  • The tactical all-weather integrated carry case quickly deploys into an adjustable stand.
  • Padded ballistic-nylon accessory pocket to house all cables, and charge controller.
  • All-weather ATP plugs for customizable and scalable integration.
  • Magnetically mounted 15 Amp Zamp Charge Controller
  • 15-foot portable ATP-ATP extension cable
  • ATP Fused Alligator Clamps
  • 6” ATP-SAE Adaptor
  • Weight: 23-pounds
  • Closed Dimensions: 44.5-inches tall x 21.75-inches wide x 2-inches thin
  • Wattage: 100-Watt Power Output
  • Output: Generates 5.01 amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 26.15 volts
  • Warranty: 25-Year output warranty

So, now Dad’s ice is on ice, the fridge is powered, the power has the juice, and he is probably two frosty cold ones deep. I will bet he is getting hungry, so somebody better get the kitchen prepped before Cranky Franky shows up.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Kitchen Upgrades

Hitch Kitchen by HitchFire

Would it not be great to just flip open the lid and there it all is. A complete camp kitchen in all of its glory! Well if Dad is willing to wait, he can have the convenient Hitch Kitchen by Hitch Fire. Mostly known for their very cool hitch mounted BBQ, Hitch Fire has stepped up with a super cool system to make supper and meal prep easy.  

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Recently debuted at Overland Expo West 2022, the Hitch Kitchen mounts to their proprietary swing arm and is secured to the vehicle via towing hitch. Contained in a sturdy aluminum locker is a fully capable kitchen with running water, propane stovetop, and cutting board side table. This deluxe system with everything listed above is scheduled to be released in fall of 2022 for $1600. You can pre-order now for 20% off

Camp Upgrades: Rugged Camp Stove By Fore Winds

If your old timer meal preps at the gas station and shows up to camp with a clothes hanger and a pack of soggy dogs, it is time for an intervention. By intervention we mean providing him with the necessary cooking equipment for a proper meal.

We suggest cracking open the Rugged Camp Stove. Priced at $149, it is all enamel-coated steel construction with up to 70 minutes of cooking time at 11,000 BTU/hour. Having picked one of these up, I can tell you it is a durable kit. I like the small compact unit because of the large cooking space.


My favorite part of this system is the stove weighs only 5.3-pounds and includes a rugged carrying case for easy transportation. Most importantly, this Rugged Camp Stove can turn any Johnny Not Dog into Johnny Gourmet Filet. 

Rugged Camp Stove Product Features:

  • 13.4-inches x 11.1-inches footprint
  • Accommodates pots and pans up to 9.5-inches in diameter
  • Magnetic locking system secures the butane canister
  • Over 70 minutes of cooking time at 11,000 BTU
  • Double-wind shield design protects the flame

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Sleeping Camp Upgrades

RTT Sleeper 1-Person Sleeping Bag

If your dad is not sawing logs and counting sheep then he probably is not sleeping right. It is time you get him a proper slug sack, and we are talking about that premium grade sleeping bag with down insulation. iKamper has what we are looking for in their RTT Sleeper Four Season Down Sleeping Bag. Filled with 1,000-grams of 90/10 White Duck Down feather ratio, your pops will finally be able to get a full night’s rest.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

My favorite part about the RTT Sleeper is the integrated drawstring to convert your RTT Sleeper from a rectangular bar to a mummy sock. If dad does not already have a quality sleeping bag, $369 will keep your old guy nice and toasty all night long.

iKamper RTT Sleeper Product Features And Specifications:

  • 1-person Sleeping Bag
  • 30D Ripstop Nylon Shell
  • 30D Taffeta Nylon Lining
  • Fill 1000g
  • 100% RDS White Duck Down & Feather (90:10)
  • Weight: 63-ounces / 3.9-pounds
  • Open Dimensions: 37-inches x 82-inches
  • Packed Dimensions: 10-inches x 9-inches x 18-inches
  • Temperature Rating: Comfort 25°F / Limit 14°F
  • Water Resistant
  • YKK Zippers
  • Convenient Inner Pocket
  • Integrated neck warmer

Shiftpod Space Tent

At this point, you might be thinking, here comes the $3600 Roof Top Tent. Well, if your old man is a feeble-boned geriatric like mine, then the last thing you want him doing is climbing up into and down from a vehicle-born RTT. No sir, we cannot risk that. For this reason, I have selected the Shiftpod space tent shelters that are set up on the ground. These engineering marvels were designed to withstand hurricane force winds and freezing blizzard temperatures.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Shiftpods have been widely adopted by overlander adventurers and festival organizations for their modular expansion capabilities, rapid deployment, rugged durability, and sophisticated appearances. Made only of premium materials with military-grade construction, Shiftpods start at $899 and will last for generations.

Shiftpod Space Tent Product Features:

  • Hexagon patterned patented multi-layer fabric system w/ dark out layer
  • Integrated carbon fiber frame for easy set up / strike
  • Carbon fiber reinforced hubs
  • Easy to use walls pulls and clip-in nut
  • Tub-style floor for easy zip in|zip out
  • Top level YKK zippers. The best you can get. Lube your zippers!
  • Fine mesh bug screens on 6 windows & 2 doors
  • A/C ports (6″) and convection vents
  • Power cord ports with cinch cord closure
  • S3 – Seam TechnologyTM to improve weather resistance
  • Hydrophobic thread to seal up sewing holes
  • Post assembly hydrophobic coatings for additional weather protection
  • Nano Zinc Dioxide mildew protection

That is a mad amount of gear to haul around and enough to make any sane adult male lose their marbles. How can you help your Pops stay organized and even-tempered? Off Road Xtreme has identified a few storage containers that can handle any and all gear organization requirements.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Organization Camp Upgrades

Roam Adventure Co 95L Rugged Case

Storing valuable and essential camping gear sometimes comes at the risk of being stolen or picked off when away from your rig. We all know that if a thief wants it badly enough there is not much we can do about that. What we can do is eliminate the basic crime of opportunity by making something harder to steal. Enter Roam Adventure Co and their line of heavy-duty Rugged Case storage containers. Ideal for storing items such as firearms, hunting gear, spare vehicle parts, recovery equipment or just adding more storage to any vehicle, Roam has made storage easy and secure. Ranging in various sizes from 52 to 160 liters prices start at $200. The Molle panels, the lid organizer attachments, and quickfist clamping accessories make these Rugged Cases even more useful.

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

Roam Adventure CO Rugged Case Main Features:

  • Military Grade Dust/Waterproof Seal
  • Lockable Latches
  • Lid Assist Gas Struts
  • Tie Down Channels
  • Interlocking Spines
  • Grip Grab Rope Handles
  • Adjustable Pull Handles
  • Drain Plug
  • Integrated Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
  • Material LDPE
  • Limited Lifetime manufacturers/craftsmanship warranty

Step 22 Tamarin Trunk

To carry and store more personal effects, I would suggest Dad ditch the old gym bag for a high-quality duffel bag. At the top of my list is Step 22 for efficient organization and stowables. Their new Tamarin Trunk has 18.5-liters of available storage. The long rectangular shape makes it perfect for odd-shaped items to keep bouncing around during the drive. It is designed to pair with the Step 22’s Quoll Packing Cubes and Tenkile Tech Pouches for stackable storage of all the off-grid essentials.

This is a heavy-duty multi-use gear bag made of dual-layer 500 Denier + C.R.A.W.L. (Coated Rugged All-Weather Layer) marine-grade materials. With grab handles on all four sides, dad can pick up a heavy load with zero regrets. It looks like a great purchase at $90 to store his essentials and more.

Step 22 Tamarin Trunk Main Features:

  • Grab handles on all four sides
  • Topside handle wrap for a quick grip on heavy loads
  • Removable compression/attachment straps
  • Interior lid zippered mesh pocket for quick-grab items
  • Dual loop strips for content labels
  • Extra wide for long gear storage
  • Best in class  500 denier nylon  materials
  • YKK Zippers 
  • Easy grab T-Pullers and reflective tracer cord
  • STEP 22 signature red reinforced bartacks
  • Metal Hardware

Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Camp Upgrades

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That is all we got for this year’s Off Road Xtreme Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide. We went in depth to feature the latest and greatest of Off-Road Gear, Tools For The Trail, and Camp Upgrades. If your dad makes out with anything resembling the equipment listed, he will be pumped! Keep this stuff in mind for future gifts and upgrades for yourself and the big guy.

We know there are a lot of items out there to choose from. There is no possible way to cover it all, but we did our best to select high-quality items that will last a lifetime. Feel free to drop a comment below if there is anything we should include for next time.

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