Serious About Flowmaster Muffler Series: Highlighting Each Category

The human body may have 5 senses, however when it comes to performance vehicles, one sense will stick out the most. Sound! There are Youtube channels filled with exhaust notes of vehicles leaving parking lots and race trucks blasting through the desert. It is no wonder companies like Flowmaster and subsidiary XDR have made such an impact on the performance industry!

The unfortunate downside of sound is how opinionated it is. If you decide to ask a forum full of “experts” what is the best sound for your truck, then chances are high you might end up with the same number of neighbors calling HOA. Checking Youtube for sound clips will only get you so far as their microphones and your speakers will never give an accurate feel. So how does a company like Flowmaster help decide which exhaust fits your sense of sound best? Well, simply put, it is all about variety.

That same variety might leave you flabbergasted after viewing the Flowmaster muffler series and product catalog. You will notice different series, designs, chamber counts, size and material used. How can you decide which sound will be best for your vehicle and preference when there are so many options? Well, dig in and get serious about series with Flowmaster.

Race Mufflers

Having the loudest muffler at the local Sonic might sound like a good idea, but most will assure you it is not. The race series “mufflers” are meant for those looking to get as little restriction on exiting exhaust gases as possible. These mufflers were built for race classes that require a muffler but had neglected to set a DB limit. No internal packing and fully welded 16-gauge material means these race mufflers are for serious competitive business.


Do you want the absolute best flow while still retaining a muffler for your race series?  Then the choice is easy. The Outlaw is the most aggressive race muffler on the market. These were built to bend the rules of racing when mufflers are required. They provide the absolute most flow as exhaust gases blast past a series of small inner rings. Creature comforts are nonexistent but will take a nibble out of an open header situation. Also available in a combo package is the Outlaw 2 which combines a collector and muffler all in one for those space constrained chassis!

Flowmaster Muffler Series: Outlaw

Delta Force

Still stuck on winning that Sonic sound off, are you? Then the Delta Force series is a good bet.  The Delta Force race mufflers are available in five different series. The series numbered 10, 30, 40, 50 and 60 all vary in chamber count, material used and decibel reduction. Series 10 is a single chamber and loudest of the Delta Force group. It is constructed from aluminized steel and has a compact size allowing easy fitment.  Series 30 and 40 are two chamber mufflers only differing from each other with material used. Series 50 and 60 are both three chamber race mufflers and provide the best sound reduction in this lineup over open headers and are available in stainless steel only.

Flowmaster Muffler Series: Single Chamber

Pro Series

The final race muffler is the Pro Series. The Pro Series are offered in two different flows; Outlaw and Laminar Flow. The Pro Series has a variety of large sized tubing and is perfect for the diesel truck owners wanting a large diameter muffler to help evacuate the slow post turbo exhaust gases. The goal of the Pro Series was to maximize power, reduce audible decibel notes and minimize weight. Their cylindrical design means this provides easy fitment and simple welding.

Street Mufflers

If you are desiring something with more of a tuned sound and acceptable decibel level, than the Flowmaster street mufflers are the perfect fit! The street mufflers tone down the extreme sound of a race mufflers and prevent spiteful looks from passing motorist. The street line up will allow you to still increase sound and performance while continuing to maintain a clean and crisp note that Flowmasters is known for.

Original Series

Some of the most well-known and frequently asked for Flowmaster mufflers is their original 40 and 50 series.  The 40 Series Original is perfect for the owner looking to have an aggressive note and be able to hear their exhaust while driving. Most notably the 40 series highlighted the sounds of the Ford Small Block for decades. The 50 Series brings it down a notch with the 3-chamber design but retains a clean and crisp sound.

Flowmaster 40 Series

The 80 series is another 2-chamber exhaust offering the same aggressive note, but in a different packaging configuration. The 80 Series can be mounted transversely near the rear of the chassis and are available in a one into two, two into two or 1 into 1 setup. This series provides a deep tone, but also eliminates the need for a dual muffler setup.

Super Series

Stepping it up a notch from the “Originals” are the Super Series. The Super Series has a thicker case and is better equipped on vehicles on vehicles with 400-500 horsepower. The Super Series provides a deeper bass sound than the original. While nothing can be noted on the “butt dyno”, the Super 40, 44 and 50 Series all show gains over the Original counterparts on the rollers. The Super 40 and 44 have similar exhaust notes to the Original, but with the rise of family performance vehicles, Flowmaster created the Super 50 Series. The 50 Series is perfect for those seeking performance and a great hum, but without the drone.

Flowmaster Muffler Series: Delta Flow

Flowmaster has made a reputation of having an aggressive exhaust note, however the Delta Flow Series will quiet those accusations. The Delta Flow series provides the quietest option for each series. The two chambered 40 Series and three chamber 50 Series both provide owners a deep throaty rumble without the excessive noise. The 60 Series is perfect for owners of four- and six-cylinder vehicles wanting a nice tone, but not the raspy sound that follows with most aftermarket mufflers.

Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow


If you are looking for something to give your tow rig or RV an improvement in power and torque than the HD 50 Series or Big Block 50 and 70 Series are the go-to. These mufflers are great for quieting large displacement engines and work best when under load. While a slightly louder than stock outside, the interior sound will lack any resonance.

Flowmaster Multichamber

Laminar Flow Mufflers

Switching things up from the chambered design are Flowmaster’s Laminar flow equipped mufflers. These mufflers feature an entry and exit cone with a Laminar flow middle section. To keep heat down on the outer canister, a ceramic blanket blocks the internal and external from each other. This allows you to mount Laminar Mufflers near fuel systems and floorboards without the risk of heat or fire.

Flowmaster Laminar Flow

Flowmaster Muffler Series: Super HP2 and DBX

The Super HP2 feature the Laminar flow and is designed for owners dealing with confined spaces.  Super HP2 mufflers are available in 304 stainless and 409 stainless giving off a unique tone and old school feel. The DBX Series is for the smaller motors and will be a bumble sound rather than a high-pitched raspy ton. Available in 304 stainless means you can shine it to a high polish.

Flowmaster HP2


Now that we have cracked the Flowmaster muffler series code, we can start to decide on what is the best muffler for your setup and your preferences. We know that the smaller the number the louder the system will be. The 10 Series only has one chamber, 30-40 series are two-chambers, and finally the 50+ series (except for the 80) are three-chambers. When adding chambers to a muffler you reduce the amount of noise released not only to the world, but to the vehicle cabin as well. Each individual series will have multiple sizes available allowing you to maximize your vehicles performance. Still confused? No worries give the experts at Flowmaster a call to optimize your performance and sound. This video below  defines each Flowmaster muffler series and might help as well.

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