Every year Dirt Alliance invades Pismo Beach, California, for their annual Pismo Takeover. Drivers come from throughout the western region to put their trucks to use in the sand and put on a show for the crowd.

Dirt Alliance is a group of like minded truck owners who have arguably some of baddest trucks in the country and actually use them. This year Racine Wheels came along with some of their UTV’s to show the boys that side-by-sides can have fun too.

James Hill of IMG Motorsports and Ryan Edwards of Racine Wheels' side-by-sides sitting pretty (left). James Hill, Sara Price, and Ryan Edwards shredding the dunes having some fun! (right)

The beach was fairly crowded for a non-holiday weekend with overcast skies. Once on the sand, some of the guys, like Kevin Terry aka “StayonTop,” put on paddles while others stuck with their BFGoodrich projects.

We left the beach and headed to the dunes mid afternoon when the sun started to appear through the clouds. With the plethora of trucks that Dirt Alliance has it was difficult to not draw a crowd where ever they went. With safety being our first concern everyone stayed on the same radio frequency to communicate when it was safe to jump.

Danny Giannini crowd surfing (top left), Jake jumping his daily driver prerunner (top right), Kevin Terry is not afraid to send it (bottom left), and Chris Doughty in his newest build “Chuck Norris” (bottom right).

The first stop was a jump called pipeline which got its name from the water run off pipe to the beach. Spotters were everywhere, from the top of the dune to the landing zone to ensure safety for not only the driver but the spectators. Daniel Tyson aka “PreRanDan” in his Ford Ranger was first to send it off the jump and with ease sent it a little too far to the flat and belly flopped.

Next to run after him was Ryan Kibbe of Kibbetech in his four-door Silverado called “That Gray Truck.” Ryan fabricates some of the top prerunner and truck builds in this country and That Gray Truck did not disappoint even with the short-course style links in the rear.

Ryan over shot the landing as well easily exceeding 120 feet and landed roughly, throwing big plumes of sand and drove away. One last person hit the jump and that was Danny Giannini in his new truck that he built from scratch, this was the first time the truck has seen sand.

Darren Parsons brought out his truck with new Raptor fiberglass from McNeil Racing and new livery. Darren is widely known for his big air jumps and not being afraid of sending it, he did not disappoint and lived up to his reputation.

Dan jumping backwards off the drags.

After a couple more jumps it was time to go to another location, with a big caravan of trucks, jeeps and it’s following. They stopped at some whoops to do some side by side racing. Dirt Cinema was there to capture all the motion to put together a nice video of the trip which will be released later this year.

The last spot that they hit was the drags, however, they decided to send the trucks off it backwards and it made for some fantastic photos. Luckily, but to no surprise, all the trucks held up perfectly with all the abuse and had no mechanical failures, the trip was a success.

Darren Parsons racing Austin of Allco Metal Fab down the whoops.

If you’d like to follow along with Dirt Alliance and stay up on whats next with them follow them along on their Instagram. Be sure to check out the gallery full of highlights below!

Photo gallery


Images courtesy of Daniel Schenkelberg