Video: The Hoonigans Launch Chevy Prerunner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard of the Hoonigan brand before. Being a “Hoonigan” is basically doing donuts, drifting, or just generally thrashing on cars. This time on Donut Garage they invited Ryan Kibbe of Kibbetech to come do donuts in one of his prerunners.

The prerunner that Ryan Kibbe brought was a 2010 Chevy Silverado that has since been transformed into a pretty built prerunner. The engine is an LS3 418ci stroker built by Mullenix that ’s estimated to make around 640 horsepower, and it’s mated to a 4L85E transmission. Moving further back from the transmission is a 9” rear end with 40-spline axles which is necessary for actually getting all that power to the ground.

The front suspension is built by Kibbetech using their 2007.5 to present 2WD long travel kit. In the rear, they are running a four-link system. The result is a massive amount of wheel travel front and rear.

Typically on donut garage, they do burnouts and obviously donuts. For this occasion, however, they brought out a metal ramp for Ryan Kibbe to launch his truck off of. The ramp is relatively small and the run up to the ramp is also pretty small. The result of driving off the ramp? Massive air time and a sweet, buttery smooth landing.

After launching his prerunner off the ramp, Ryan Kibbe attempted some donuts. On his initial attempt, the truck didn’t rotate enough and he almost drove into a fence. On his second attempt he started with a burnout and was able to get his big prerunner to do awesome donuts in a pretty tight space at the garage.


At the donut garage is a loading dock with a concrete ramp going off of it. At the end on video Ryan Kibbe pulled a sweet drift down the concrete ramp. His prerunner is way larger than most vehicles features on Donut Garage, and he ended up dropped one wheel off the concrete ramp during his drift.

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