Video: Blake Wilkey, Myan Spaccarelli Go HAM On A Golf Course

Blake Wilkey is a man that can’t be held down, at least by gravity. His latest video proves this once again, as he and fellow hucking fan/short-course racer Myan Spaccarelli go HAM on an abandoned golf course.

Teaming with Perplexed Media, Rugged Radios, Get Dismissed, and other sponsors, Blake made sure that he got the proper clearance to do what he wanted this time around (at least, we hope he did!). Whatever the background behind this shoot may be, one thing is clear: Blake and Myan had a blast!

The shoot took place at the Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, California. The establishment closed in June 2016. Before it gets turned into a housing development, Blake and Myan had their fun!

The video begins with Blake riding his skateboard around a coastal road, when he loses his balance and falls. He gets lost in a dream sequence, taking us to an abandoned golf course – brown grass, a receding pond, and with nobody around.

Blake is driving his signature supercharged Baja Bug, as Myan gets busy in his Pro 2 short-course truck. As it turns out, the golf course has all kinds of obstacles that can be exploited by these vehicles, from jumps to roundabouts, and more.


Whatever the fate may be of this golf course in SoCal, we at least got to see it put to good use by some badass, off-road enthusiasts. What was your favorite part of the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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