Video: BJ Baldwin Returns To Donut Garage With His K5 Blazer

In 2017 Hoonigan found out how popular off-road trucks were on their shows, and have continued to feature them more and more. BJ Baldwin showed everyone who is boss a while ago when he brought his trophy truck to the show. Since then many people have “one-upped” him on the show, with the Bronco being the craziest. On this episode of Daily Transmission, however, BJ has returned with his K5 Blazer to show everyone he is king.

BJ Baldwin put on such a spectacular show on episode 100 that they called him up and without notice, he came down to them for this episode. The truck he brought is his personal prerunner/toy truck. It’s an old K5 Blazer that features a “mishmash” of parts. The engine is a 600HP Chevy LS, and the only original parts left are the doors and windshield. According to BJ, his K5 has about 23 inches of travel in the front and 29 inches in the rear. This is pretty insane considering his trophy truck has 25 inches up front and 33 inches in the rear.

As you can imagine, BJ put on quite a good show. He didn’t double stack the ramps like they did with the Bronco, but that’s mostly because his K5 likes to land on the rear wheel. On one of the jumps, he hit his rear bumper pretty hard. With so much travel and horsepower, the truck lifts the inner front wheel during donuts and nearly lifts both front wheels.

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