VIDEO: Bigfoot Monster Truck Takes On Jet Car In Unconventional Race

It’s not every day that you see monster trucks on a drag strip, and it’s certainly not every day that you see them racing jet cars, but in an “oldie but goodie” video we recently came across on YouTube, that’s exactly what we have here for you. And we’re not talking about just any old monster truck either. We’re talking about the famed Bigfoot #15 monster truck. Check it out above!

bigfoot_drag_raceKnown for it’s amazing four-wide, side-by-side racing, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts some of the country’s most prestigious races year round. But in this odd-ball video, it’s not a trial of the best NHRA drivers on show. Rather it’s an exhibition of sorts between famed monster trucks equipped with some of the largest racing tires we’ve ever seen.

bigfoot_drag_race_2For those of you who’ve seen the Bigfoot monster trucks, you know that they’re the real deal. Equipped with Fiberglass Desert Race Truck bodies, custom tube chassis, ZF axles with internal planetaries, and a 572ci engine, these trucks are about 10,000 pounds of pure power. Now transfer that to the drag strip and you can only imagine what happens.

Lifting its tires through the first 60 feet, Bigfoot first races Snake Bite, another monster truck in this 2011 video from the Back to School Bash. After outdoing its fellow monster truck competition, it’s then on to racing jet cars, or the famous Terminal Velocity jet car, to be exact.

Ran in bracket style, the race between forces kicks off with Bigfoot launching first, only to be followed by Terminal Velocity seconds later. When all is said and done, it’s Terminal Velocity that wins the race with a mid 3-second eighth-mile time. Of course, Bigfoot isn’t easily out-shined as the truck still cranks out an astounding mid 8-second run.


It may be strange and not very realistic, but that’s part of the fun behind this non-traditional exhibition. Now if only we could get some more 4x4s in on the deal, we’d really have a good ‘ole time!


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