Video: A Baja Bug Gets A Battlefield Makeover

The Volkswagen Beetle may be best remembered for its role in the 1960s hippie movement, but the original “People’s Car” can trace its origins back to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Shortly after taking power of the German government, Hitler contracted the famed Ferdinand Porsche to build the Volkswagen Type 1, who delivered the finished design in 1938. Unfortunately, a little thing called World War II kept the car from entering mass production until 1945, after the combined forces of the Allies and Soviet Russia forced an end to the war.

Which brings us to today’s curiosity, a Volkswagen Beetle painted in the unmistakable khaki colors of the U.S. Army. Though it is dripping with more than a little bit of irony, you’ve got to assume that’s what the owner was going for in the first place. Right?

We know precious little about this car, though a cursory search of Google shows that this particular paint job and car combination are popular with auto nerds the world over. In this particular case, it appears to be a modified Baja Bug that is wearing the Army’s World War II battle colors, meaning it has some of the off-road chops to back up the Army look. Though not as well known as the American Jeep, Volkswagen also produced a combat command vehicle called the Kubelwagen that was based heavily on the original Type 1 design.

However, the Jeep proved better suited for the battlefields of North Africa and Europe, and German soldiers were regularly replacing Kubelwagens with captured Jeeps. Yet Volkswagen managed to keep the Beetle in production from 1945 until 2003, basically unchanged, selling more than 21 million vehicles in the process. For an ironic work of mobile art, a Baja Bug wearing U.S. Army colors is the kind of statement that makes you look twice.

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