Video: 50 Best Spots in Baja – Episode 3

Baja California, Mexico, is home to some of the best off-road racing in the world. The most famous of those races in the Baja 1000 which draws in thousands of spectators and racers into the area.

Most racers, however, don’t get the chance to really stop and check out all the cools things Baja California has to offer. BF Goodrich got together with off-road legends Cameron Steele, Curt LeDuc, Sal Fish, Bill Nichols, Jimmy Sones, Johnny Campbell, Frank DeAngelo, and other, to create the top 50 spots in Baja.

The last episode covered spots 46 through 43. This third episode is going to cover spots 42 through 39 and includes a wide variety of cool sites and trails to explore.

42: Comondú

Comondú is pretty far down the peninsula and is kind of in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. What makes it special is the river it is located on, and the mission site in the town. Mission San Jose de Comondú was the fifth mission ever built in Baja and was founded in the late 1600s, but was dynamited and rebuilt in 1736. Just off to the right of the building are pieces of the old building which was much larger than the current building in its place.

41: Mulegé

Moving further up the peninsula and towards the Gulf of California is Mulegé. Many racers and race teams come through Mulegé as a place to get fuel and really only get to experience the bridge that you have to drive across. Although looking to the left and right of the bridge is beautiful, it’s not the best that this town has to offer.

Mulegé is home to the fourth mission site built in Baja. Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege was founded in 1705. The stone church that is still standing there was built in 1766.

Mulegé was also home to a very interesting prison. “Mulegé has made my list. I was always intrigued by the story about the prison. It’s a territorial prison where the inmates were allowed to go into town to work, be with their families, and then come back to jail,” said Curt Leduc.

40: Bill’s Cactus Canyon

If you consider yourself an avid dirt bike rider, then this next spot is perfect for you. Bill’s Cactus Canyon is a single track built by Bill Nichols who is 70 years old and continues to ride and build trails to this day. The trail starts out in the middle of nowhere and winds through a very cactus rich area with some farms nearby.

“Bill Nichols is a wild man. He is from Arizona, they call him the rock man because he does aggregate work, but also, I think he just loves rocks. He sets up some real bangers and this one is probably the prettiest trail in all of Baja as far as I’m concerned for dirt bikes only,” said Cameron Steele.

39: Cataviná

This last spot is an area that Cameron likes to call the “Never Never” area because of it’s lack of support, few towns, and no cell service. The whole area around Cataviná is nearly untouched desert which looks absolutely stunning. When Cameron and his crew were down there, they threw a party for the entire town and cooked food for everyone.


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