Video: 50 Best Spots in Baja – Episode 10

Baja California, Mexico, is home to some of the best off-road racing in the world. Races like the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 draw in spectators from all over the US and Mexico, as well as race teams. Unfortunately, many of these racers and spectators are only in the area for the race, and never get to experience the true beauty of Baja. For this reason, BF Goodrich created the “50 Best of Baja” series with Cameron Steele. We’re now in the top ten, so expect to see tons of killer spots.

Spot 10: Conception Bay

Starting out this episode is a spot that Cameron Steel considers to be the best coast on the peninsula and it’s easy to see why. The Conception Bay is an absolutely beautiful location outside of Mulegé, located on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. As you might imagine, the water is extremely blue and clear, with beautiful beaches and scenery all around. When Cameron visited the location for filming, it was pretty clear just how popular that beach was.

Spot 9: La Paz

Next up on the list is La Paz, which is arguably one of Baja’s most known cities. La Paz is a great a great tourist location as there are a ton of beautiful sights inside the city to check out thanks to the city’s massive growth, both in population and wealth. Although there are many things to do and see in La Paz, when Cameron and his crew went down there for the video, they went out looking for a whale shark. They’re not too hard to find and get up close to.

“We are just outside of La Paz and we jumped in with the whale sharks,” said Mark Moss, a friend of Cameron Steele. “Rogelio was nice enough to bring us out here. Typically we’re running away from sharks, but this is a whale shark. I’ve wanted to come out and do this for years but never found the right time to do it. We weren’t really finding them, it’s kind of a little harder than you would think. We finally found one and jumped in the water. The thing was just kicking it.”

Spot 8: El Rosario

This location is special for a few different reasons. It’s a small town on the Pacific side of the peninsula. One of the most special places at El Rosario is Mama Espinoza’s, which was one of the first Baja 1000 checkpoints. There is also the massive river valley and a beautiful  castle. On top all that, there are two mission ruins in town. All of this combined really makes El Rosario a place with a little bit of everything for everyone.

Spot 7: San Ignacio

Last but not least in this episode is San Ignacio. The true beauty of this location is the San Ignacio Mission, which is by far the best-kept Mission on the Trail of Missions. The village built around the Mission stills exists, as do all the beautiful palm trees, making this location feel like some sort of desert oasis. Considering the Mission was founded all the way back in 1728, it’s extremely impressive how well it has been preserved.

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