Trailblazer’s Dream Come True: Magellan’s eXplorist TRX7 GPS



The latest step in off-roading technology comes to us in the form of the eXplorist TRX7. Though there are many GPS systems on the market tailored towards the needs of the off-roader, none can really hold a candle to this brand new unit from Magellan. While its price is relatively high, at $599, the amount of features and practicality it offers might make it well worth the cost.

With the TRX7, you can view trail maps in high-res 3D

With the TRX7, you can view trail maps in high-res 3D.

For starters, Magellan designed the unit to withstand the elements. It features a dust-proof, water-proof (up to a meter), IP67 casing with two available rail mounts for your vehicle, so there’s no need to baby it while you’re out on the trails. This shell sits behind a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display, with an intuitive interface that even offers bluetooth and wifi.

The device also boasts a dual-core A9 processor, one GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage (with a microSD slot for expansion), and runs Android 4.2. These are a must, considering it comes pre-loaded with over 44 thousand trail maps, available with high resolution 3D and 2D topographical imaging. All the maps are also cloud-based, meaning you’ll have an ever-improving and expanding database at your disposal.

The TRX7 gives you the ability to rate the condition and difficulty of the trails you take on.

The TRX7 also gives you the ability to rate the condition and difficulty of the trails you take on.

Another neat feature of the TRx7 is it’s ability to track and record your own trails. You can also add personal notes and observations, such as trail conditions or difficulty, to both your trail maps and already existing ones, further adding to how comprehensive the crowd-sourced database is. The unit has a camera as well, which you can utilize to add photos to these notes or simply document your adventures. And to top it all off, it even has social media capabilities allowing you to post about your exploits straight from the device.

The TRX7 is ahead of the competition, and has a lot of seriously useful features for just about any off-road enthusiast. Don’t be surprised if it winds up at the top of your Christmas list this holiday season.

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