Bilstein B8 8112 Zone Control Coilover For Toyota Tacomas

The Toyota Tacoma has been popular ever since its introduction and the aftermarket has supported it well. Bilstein‘s B8 8112 with ZoneControl CR is just the latest addition to the lineup to help improve on and off-road performance.

The B8 8112 is a position sensitive coilover damper that eliminates the need for limit straps, bypass shocks, and bump stops. These features are built into a single module and it’s a direct-fit, no other modifications are necessary. A triple piston design delivers comfort during every day driving conditions and maximum control under large suspension inputs.

Under normal driving conditions, the valving in the main working piston is designed for comfort while also controlling high-frequency harshness both on and off-road. Under more extreme off-road driving conditions, the secondary pistons engage an internal compression and rebound hydraulic bump stop to provide additional damping force. This eliminates the need to install an external hydraulic bump stop and limit strap, saving time and money.

On the compression side of things, the B8 8112 provides bottom out control through a two-stage, telescoping internal compression stop. On the rebound side, the secondary rebound stop will dissipate spring energy and stabilize the suspension directly following a large compression event.

Not only does the B8 8112 provide an improved ride, but it also has the ability to finely tune the ride height as it is adjustable from .6 to 2.5 inches. This is addition can grow with the truck and allow larger tires to clear when it comes time.

For more information on the B8 8112 be sure to visit Bilstein’s product cart and for other Bilstein products, be sure to visit their website.

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