Spotted In The Shop: RBP Assassin Wheels And Repulsor Tires

Just like skinning a cat, there are many ways to make a truck stand out. One of the most popular is to go for a lift, wheels, and tires, and that’s just what we’re doing to a 2017 Super Duty this week. Rolling Big Power (RBP) is helping us out in all three areas, decking us out with a four-inch lift kit, 37-inch Repulsor tires, and 20-inch Assassin wheels.

While the lift kit will be up for discussion in the full tech article, for now, we wanted to take a look at RBP’s truck footwear. We spoke with Kelleigh Ash to get a better idea of what these products bring to the table.

The one-piece wheels come in three finish versions – chrome, custom finish, or gloss black with CNC accents. The latter were the ones we picked for our Super Duty, and they really do look amazing in person.

Starting with the Assassin wheels, these units are one of many currently offered by RBP. “We launched the Assassin about three years ago, and it has been a popular seller ever since,” commented Ash.

Just as impressive were the Repulsor M/Ts. Being the large 37-inch tires they are, they’ll go great with the truck once the lift kit is finished. They will bring some attitude and capability to the vehicle, and we can’t wait to test them out.

With a sturdy sidewall and a chunky, aggressive tread pattern, we're expecting the Repulsor M/Ts will be able to handle the rough stuff well.

The Repulsors are the only tires currently offered by RBP. However, Ash pointed out that they carry the same attention to detail and quality that RBP puts on all of its products. “The Repulsors are an in-house design,” she said. “They feature a beefed-up sidewall and a tread pattern that will make driving enjoyable, whether on-road or off-road.”

We’re stoked to see how RBP’s products will improve a Super Duty. Stay tuned for the upcoming articles, and in the meantime, check out RBP on its website and Facebook page.

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