In the off-road world, modifications are king, but larger tires, heavy bumpers, and more weight add up to less horsepower. To help combat these power killers, a tuner can be used to help get back what was lost.

Hypertech‘s Max Energy 2.0 is one option that gives users plenty of options. We had one shop up in our shop for a recent install, but wanted to show what it can do before we install it. We had the chance to speak with Jason Sakurai of Hyptertech to find out more about the product.

Out of the box, the tuner has everything you need to connect to your vehicle as well as update the device.

“Our Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmers provide more coverage with fewer part numbers for popular GM, Ford and Chrysler cars and trucks looking to maximize horsepower, torque, and overall performance,” Sakurai said. “The Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer optimizes engine tuning to maximize horsepower, torque, and in the process increase fuel mileage.”

“The Max Energy 2.0 can also recalibrate the speedometer/odometer when using larger non-stock tires, or different rear axle ratios,” Sakurai continued. “In addition, it reprograms your tire pressure monitoring system when using larger tires with tire pressures that differ from the stock tires.”

The larger screen and easy to use buttons will make this device easy to use when we install it.

Outta the box the tuner looks easy to use and has a larger backlit LCD screen to allow you to see what you are doing. Stay tuned as we install the tuner and put the vehicle on the dyno to see how much power we can get.

For more information on Hypertech’s products be sure to check out its website.