UTV racing has become extremely popular in the off-road world. Race trucks can be extremely expensive, and although race UTVs are also expensive, they are much cheaper than a race truck. The UTV world championships is an event designed to bring the best UTV drivers from all across the US and put them all together in one course.

This year’s UTV championship is no different. With other 300 competitors in nothing but UTVs on a 16-mile course, you can imagine just how hectic things will get. The stacks are fairly high: hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and prizes, plus a brand new Polaris RZR XP Turbo.

“This is a loop race, and it’s only 16 miles. Stacking these many competitors on a 16-mile course, you’re going to be picking off, if you can, one guy every 30 seconds,” said world-renowned race car driver Rhys Millen.

There were 10 to 18 cars per row, and each row started about 30 seconds after the next. This makes the first corner of the race extremely important because getting stuck behind everybody can really make it difficult to get a good lap. Watching the video you can clearly see just how hectic the first corner is.

By the time the third row left the start line there was already a vehicle flipped over on the course. By the time the racers noticed the flipped over UTV, they were side by side in a corner which resulted in a second flipped over vehicle.

If you are looking for something to watch, be sure to watch the event above!