Short Course Hotshots: Atturo Tires Sponsors Racers In Off Road

travisdinsmore_1They say it takes a village to raise a child, but to raise a racing truck, some podunk village won’t do a lot of good. Rather, it’s the efforts put in by the passionate parties involved, from the racers who drive the vehicle, to the crew that puts it together, to the companies whose parts make the vehicle capable of coming out on top.

Cole Mamer's Pro Lite truck.

Cole Mamer’s Pro Lite truck.

One tire company, Atturo Tires, is putting its stamp on the racing truck this year with outreach to up-and-coming competitors across the country. Three racers in particular–Cole Mamer, Eric Hunter, and Travis Dinsmore–are sporting Atturo rubber for the duration of their respective racing efforts.

All will be running the same tire, the Blade M/T, named for its should and sidewall tread that mimics the BK-1 Wicked blade made by Mantis Knives. Made available in over a dozen tire sizes, enthusiasts can look forward to the same performance that helps these racers win will be riding on their light truck, Jeep, or SUV too.

First up is Cole Mamer. Making his rookie entry into the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in the Pro Lite class, the teenager made a name for himself driving a Mod Kart in years past. He’s excited to show what he can do in 2015. “I am very thankful,” he said. “Atturo Tires believed in me and came on board to support my racing efforts for our first year in the Pro Lite class. They have been so great to work with from the start, and their tires are unbelievable on the track!”

erichunter_1Next, there’s Eric Hunter. Now in his third year of competing in Pro Lite, Hunter has learned the ropes, paid his dues, and is ready to kick his game up a notch. Along the way, he’s had a podium finish and several top 10 finishes under his belt. Playtime is over, and he’s ready to make 2015 a year to remember, with the hope that Atturo will help him make it so.

Eric Hunter and his Pro Lite truck.

Eric Hunter and his Pro Lite truck.

“The short course track is a pretty harsh environment for a tire,” explained Hunter. “The Trail Blade really performs great, with the sidewall tread blades giving excellent lateral grip out of the corners as the truck rotates around.”

Last but not least, we turn our attention to Travis Dinsmore. Built around his self-named team, Dinsmore Racing, the Canadian contender is putting his all into the TORC Series, the popular choice for short-course off-road racing in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States.

Dinsmore has seen his fair share of successes and checkered flags in the past: 25 wins and two championships in the Ontario Off-Road Association events, as well as taking 2nd overall in the TORC 1600 Buggy class in 2012. Ruggedness and talent are a part of how Dinsmore makes his living, and running on the Blade M/T, the man can push the envelope as much as he wants out on the track.


Dinsmore crouches next to his Pro Light truck.

Featuring 8-10 ply construction, a beveled center for biting edge grip and noise reduction, staggered shoulder blocks for lateral grip, and sidewall tread blocks that deepen traction, the Blade M/T can make do wherever it’s used. To find out more, look up Atturo Tires on their website and on Facebook.

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