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Truck enthusiasts can never leave anything stock, but for some, that may go out the window on a two-wheel drive vehicle. The folks over at MaxTrac Suspension have been showing that you can lift a two-wheel drive vehicle and still get benefits off-road.

From the shipping department to the welding stations, the MaxTrac team had plenty of things going on.

We had the chance to head out to Anaheim, California to go behind the scenes and see how they are able to get trucks up in the air. “Maxtrac Suspension was founded in November 2010,” Mike Sun president of MaxTrac explained. “We decided with the experience and knowledge that the team had built up over the years, we could build something that was a little more than a hole-in-the-wall generic parts dealer.”

MaxTrac has kits in stock ready to be shipped out as well as components to make their parts waiting on the shelves.

With this in mind the team manufacturers all of their strut spacer leveling kits in-house and by hand. The kits are powder coated down the street and boxed ready for shipment in their warehouse.

MaxTrac Suspension makes everything from lift kits to leveling kits. They even make lowering kits for the guys that want to be closer to the ground.

Throughout the warehouse, there is everything from parts coming back from powder coating to parts that were cleaned.

“Producing the products in-house allows for improved quality control,” Sun continued. “In addition, it allows for flexibility in production, faster design change implementation, and cost control.”

Walking around the warehouse you can see all of this. From the shelves full of product, pallets ready to be shipped, and the welding stations for making new parts. All the parts that are welded get cleaned in-house as well, so there is no leftover slag on anything.

To find a product for your vehicle be sure to check out MaxTrac Suspensions website.

While we were at their shop they were prepping their JK to get it ready for Easter Jeep Safari.

While we were at their shop they were prepping their JK to get it ready for Easter Jeep Safari.