Out And About: Baja Designs At The 2017 Off-Road Expo

While walking around the Pomona Fairgrounds for the 2017 Off-Road Expo, we came across a shining light. It was our good friends at Baja Designs, and they were showcasing a cool new product – the LP9.

“The goal here was to make the light more universal,” said Baja Designs’ Brennan Scully. “Our lights are smaller and perform better, but they don’t fill the space. The market needs a light that fills the space with two or three where other lights need five or more.”

The LP9 gets its name from one of Baja Designs’ first lights, the La Paz, an eight-inch HID light. The “9” refers to its nine forward-projecting LEDs, making over 11,000 total lumens.

The LP9, as Scully explained, represents the Baja Designs ethos of putting lights on the front of a vehicle as opposed to the roof. It also represents another ethos: less is more.

“When you choose Baja Designs, you can have less light with more output,” said Scully. “We don’t want to shove a bunch of stuff down people’s throats and have crazy amounts of lights on cars. We aim to maximize each light, so our customers don’t have to have seven of them.”

The LP9 also has six LEDs for peripheral viewing. These six LEDs make 1,140 lumens per side, giving a 200-degree spread of visible light to the LP9.

With its cooling ducts and more than 11,000 lumens of usable light, the LP9 was a light we could see working in a variety of scenarios. You can check out more about the LP9 on Baja Designs’ website.

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