Off-Road Expo 2017: Softening Your Ride With Hyperco Springs

Off-roading puts vehicles under extreme conditions and the one part that is keeping your teeth from rattling out is the suspension. A big part of the suspension, especially in off-road, are coilovers and the springs used with them.

Hyperco produces replacement springs for off-road applications and more. They make springs that can be used in coilover applications such as on UTVs. We stopped by at the Off-Road Expo to check out what they thought of the show and to see what they had on display.

Springs may not look super flashy, but there is plenty of technology that goes into them. Without them, a trip down the trail or in the desert would be a rough ride.

“Our three-inch ID E-Series coilover springs use the same spring design technology that is utilized in the springs on every winning race car in the Indianapolis 500 since 1965,” Sarah Ostrander explained. “The three-inch ID E-Series springs, like all Hyperco suspension springs, are optimized for applications where spring travel and resistance to bowing are important, such as various off-road vehicles including UTV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.”

Hyperco offers lengths that range from six inches to 18 inches, spring rates from 80 pounds per inch up to 800 pounds per inch, and are available in the OBD (Optimum Body Diameter) and UHT (Ultra High Travel) spring designs.

Hyperco now offers their springs in silver after seeing a larger demand from the side-by-side market for a different color. "The three-inch ID E-Series and 3.75-inch ID G-Series will be available in silver by January 1, 2018," said Sarah Ostrander.

“There has been a steady growth in requests for our suspension springs, to use on side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and other off-roading vehicles, so we started developing the three-inch ID springs,” Ostrander continued. “We got great feedback from our customers, the demand has continued and so we launched an entire series. E-Series coil-over springs allow us to expand into a wider range of markets, reaching a wider customer base.”

If you think your vehicle is too custom, don’t worry Hyperco has you covered. We had the chance to catch back up with Mike Francis of RSO Performance and Sniper, a fully custom Toyota FJ40 at the Sand Sports Super Show to see the Hyperco springs on the Yota.

Sniper runs dual rate coilovers with Hyperco springs in all four corners. In addition to the Hyperco springs, the FJ40 was running on a beefier set of 45-inch Interco Super Swampers wrapped in 20-inch Method 105 beadlock wheels.

For more information on Hyperco’s products and to find a set of springs for your ride, be sure to check out their website.

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