Superchips Releases Powerpaq Stage 1 Kit For Select Trucks and Jeeps

New from Superchips – the Powerpaq Stage 1 Kit is now available for gas-powered trucks and Jeeps. This kit delivers great power right out of the box while eliminating the guesswork when sourcing quality parts. See more details below.

Official Release:

The Powerpaq Stage 1 Kit from Superchips is now available and ready to take vehicle performance for gas-powered trucks and Jeeps to a new level.

What is the Powerpaq? Think optimized tuning that accounts for the increased, cooler airflow from a quality, high-efficiency intake. Between the industry-leading Flashpaq tuner and Jammer gas intake system, you now have a performance package designed to work right out of the box. There are several, well-established intake brands in the marketplace, but Superchips elected to invest in a new gas intake that would enable bundling of a performance tuner and cold-air-intake, designed to optimize vehicle performance, without guessing about parts compatibility.

Superchips is pleased to now offer the Powerpaq, which delivers consumers a distinct advantage when bundling some of the most popular, and common upgrades: a performance tuner and cold-air-intake. We frequently field questions from consumers looking for a reputable intake to bundle with their Flashpaq programmer. The Powerpaq Stage 1 kit answers the call, delivers power out of the box, and removes the guesswork when sourcing quality parts.


  • Delivers power out of the box
  • Removes the guesswork when sourcing quality parts
  • Designed to optimize vehicle performance

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