New from DiabloSport – the 2016+ Chevy/GMC 6.0L trucks are now covered by inTune i2 and Trinity programmers. See more details below.

Official Release:

We are excited to announce the addition of coverage for the 2016 Chevy/GMC 6.0L trucks to the inTune i2 and Trinity. We worked with our calibration team to deliver improved horsepower, towing and mileage potential on the 6.0L. The results speak for themselves. Our industry leading tuning adds up to 50 HP and 50 LB-FT of torque to the tires! Making huge horsepower gains is only beneficial if you tune the transmission to get that power to the tires effectively and we designed our transmission tuning to make the most of the power gains while providing an incredible driving experience.

Tire size/gear ratio calibration, cooling fan control, idle RPM adjustment, shift point/firmness adjustments, and torque management adjustment are just a few of the many features including with this release! The inTune i2 and Trinity products give you the ability to offer your customers quality products that deliver industry-leading tuning and great features! Stock up today!


  • Adds up to 50 HP and 50 LB-FT of torque to the tires
  • Tire size/gear ratio calibration
  • Shift point/firmness adjustments