You may have seen videos of high horsepower trucks or dirt bikes driving across water. If you have enough speed and enough power this is totally possible because the tires will essentially skim across the top of the water without actually sinking into it.

One man in Ohio, however, took a much slower and more methodical approach to crossing a river. This guy, Ollie Page, literally took his mud truck and drove across the Ohio River and parked it on a sand bar that’s only accessible by boat.

The way he pulled this stunt off is by filling his tires with a massive amount of helium, about 110 psi in the front tires and 90 psi in the rear. After months of practicing in his backyard mud pit, he decided he was ready to cross the river. He claims to have taken off at a boat ramp and floated all the way up river to the sand bar.

The truck moves in the water about 4-5 mph with the speedo at 65 mph implying that he had to be pretty heavy on the throttle the entire time. “It turned over on my side, and I didn’t realize I was backing off the throttle, and then once I mashed back on the throttle, the truck turned back up right,” said Ollie.

A practical joke or something deeper? Either way, this is creating quite a story in Indiana.

Of course parking his truck way out there has drawn a lot of attention, and a lot of skepticism. There are some Facebook posts floating around about a homepage wooden barge that’s big enough to hold a car at the Marina near the sand bar. Also near that barge are tracks in the dirt from someone driving.

Supposedly Ollie took his truck out there in the middle of the night and is actually lying about the entire story. Sooner or later he’s going to be forced to remove his truck from the sand bar and the truth will come to light.