Bruiser Conversions Has Already LS-Swapped The Brand New Wrangler

Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long but someone has already come up with an LS-swap kit for Jeep’s newest Wrangler platform, which they’ve designated the JL. Not only that but the company that manufacturers it, Bruiser Conversions, has already transplanted a pumped up, 450-horsepower LS3 into a brand new 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

They say the engine bolts to the factory 8-speed transmission and they even use the Chrysler PCM to control the thing in order to retain all of the factory options such as cruise control, remote start, etc. The engine honestly looks like it came that way from the factory and supplants the anemic 285-horsepower Pentastar V6.

JL Wrangler LS swap

The Wrangler debut a little over two months ago right here at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It’s pretty astonishing to think that in that time, someone developed, and swapped, an LS3 into a JL Wrangler. We’ve got to think that the LS burbling under the hood would make things a lot more fun on- and off-road as it more than doubles the power the Wrangler emits from the factory.

The Clearwater, Florid-based company sells the kits in both do-it-yourself or do-nothing-yourself options, allowing you to drop the Jeep off at their facilities if you’re more of a hands-off type with your new Jeep. One thing is for certain though, this will definitely void the warrant. On the other hand, we would pay good money to watch someone take one of these to a dealership and watch the tech pop the hood on the thing. Priceless.

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