It’s Lit: GMC Sierra Switchback Headlight Install

For some, when you invest in a vehicle it’s more than just a commuter. Sometimes, it’s a statement and an object that shows people what kind of person you are. Every vehicle has headlights, but if standing out is what you’re after, Anzo USA has you covered. What better way to stand out while bettering the looks of your ride and gaining better light exposure?

Today, we’re looking at a headlight install on the 2015-2017 GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 HD pick-up trucks (PN 111371). The headlights not only change the look of the truck, but add Anzo’s switchback technology.

Basic tools are the only necessary things needed for the install. That’s a great feature and benefit from ANZO. They are simple installations that anyone can do.

When removing headlights from a truck, you risk scuffing up your bumper on its way out. One safe practice is to use painters tape across the bumper to protect from any scratching on your ride. You must remove the grill to access the headlights on the 207 Sierra which gives you easy access to the lights.

Once you have removed all of the necessary trim and plastics, you’re ready to remove the factory headlight. The headlight is contained by four bolts. Two bottom bolts and two upper bolts. On the upper passenger side bolt, you’ll need to pull back some rubber stripping to access the bolt head. Once you’ve got the headlight loose, the only remaining thing is to disconnect the headlamp from the wiring of the truck.

While pulling off the lower trim, you’ll see why we suggested put the tape on the bumper. It is meant to fit tight in there and have the flush look.

With the old headlight out it is repeating we merely repeated the steps on the other side of the truck. With both of the Anzo headlights installed, it was time to get the grille back on and see the final look of the truck.

When reinstalling the grille, make sure that the grill snaps into place properly. If you don’t get it snapped into place, the grill could fall out and be damaged. All of the grills have push fasteners that can be seen with the grill removed.

These headlights, while similar in size, are very different from the factory units. These headlights have gone through rigorous testing and award a late model, futuristic look while also providing performance level lighting.

Before you hit the road, check for the proper headlight, marker light, and blinker function to ensure everything is working properly. For more information on all the products from ANZO USA, check out their website.

For proper road coverage, and minimal glare for oncoming traffic, be sure and make the adjustment on the level of lighting. The instructions are listed in your owners manual or ANZO USA has a step-by-step video on how to as well.

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