Gurkha Armored Tactical Vehicles Now Available for Civilian Purchase

Just in case you’re looking for something really different to drive, and the HUMVEE or AMG 6×6 just isn’t big enough, we offer this up for consideration. Here’s a rig that civilians can buy now (minus the armaments, of course) in the U.S. that we’re pretty sure you’re not going to see two of in the grocery store parking lot any time soon.

A Canadian company known as Terradyne Armored Vehicles has been making vehicles that would make the daily driving experience very exciting. Up to now, they have only been available to law enforcement agencies, but the company has decided to begin offering “civilianized” versions to the general public. We’re pretty sure that if you were driving the now civilian-available Gurkha Rapid Patrol Vehicle, that other drivers would not only notice you, but tend to get the heck out of your way.

Just in case vehicles such as the HUMVEE or AMG 6×6 aren’t big enough, the armored tactical vehicle is available in multiple configurations. Each of these configurations is built on the Ford F-550 chassis and uses the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel making 300hp and 660 pound-feet of torque.

Being able to haul up to five comfortably is also a plus just in case you’re in the mood to head to the beach with all your friends. The 19,500-pound truck comes with an automatic transmission, disc brakes, and 4×4 standard just in case things get sticky and you need to go.

Buying this truck gives you the best of both worlds. Not only will you have a fashionable and functional vehicle to drive every day, but it almost guarantees that nobody will do anything to irritate you again … ever. It also goes without mentioning that if you have the coin to back it up, it’s probably about the strangest motor vehicle money can buy — at the moment.

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