In just a week and a half the first Silver State Rock Crawling Championship will commence. Founder and driver, Jesse Haines sought to create an event that would bridge the gap between the weekend wheeler and the pro rock crawler. In the recent years, the greater Northern Nevada and Northern California regions have lost several events due to economical reasons. Where once multiple events were held sometimes in the same month, it has now dwindled to just one event for the year; and it only catered to the pro class teams.

rock5Haines set off to create an event that would encompass the driving styles and capabilities of a variety of teams. “I really want to focus on getting local teams involved. We are planning to keep entry fees reasonable and create courses that make this practical for recreational wheelers as well as pros,” said Haines. With the goal in mind Haines needed a venue. While Northern Nevada is at no shortage of rocky trails he needed a place that could handle the logistics of such an event.

rock4In 2012 Q&D Construction in Reno, Nevada built one of the most challenging short course tracks in the country. It plays host to LOORRS, VORRA, Ultra4 and Lucas Oil races. Q&D’s creation of Wild West Motorsports Park has more than enough vendor, pit, and parking space for a 10,000 person event. Haines has room to grow this event for years to come.

Currently there are almost 40 teams set to compete in one of four classes; Street Stock, Legend, Pro Modified, and Unlimited. Team entry fees start at a mere $75. Haines expressed that he hopes to have 50 teams at this year’s event. In the sprit of keeping the cost down for the teams participating, spectators can expect to pay just $20 per for entry for the whole weekend. If you are in the area and would like to sign up, you can visit the Silver State Rock Crawling Championship website. The event will take place September 26th to 27th.