The Hendrick COMMANDO (right) was the inspiration for the DSI Jeep COMMANDO Wrangler concept (left).

Let’s be straight up honest about this. If there was ever a Jeep Wrangler concept that I would outbid any offer on the floor to get (if I had unlimited funds available to do so), this is the one! Dealer Services International (DSI) debuted its COMMANDO Jeep Wrangler concept vehicle at the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, held this week. The concept was inspired by the original Hendrick COMMANDO tactical vehicle.

commando_moab-3Hendrick COMMANDO was a tactical vehicle built to operate in a wide range of missions and terrain. It was initially used overseas for evaluation purposes in support of a special operations science and technology initiative. It was the first Jeep utilized in U.S. combat operations since Operation Just Cause in 1989.

With many of the styling, design, and build cues taken from its military contemporary, the civilian COMMANDO Jeep concept vehicle was a collaboration between DSI and Charlotte-based Hendrick Dynamics. The two company’s got together, and created this aggressive looking up-fit to a Jeep Wrangler, and it wears an exact replica of the authentic COMMANDO Tan exterior color.

The DSI COMMANDO Jeep features various suspension upgrades, strong but lightweight 17-inch aluminum wheels, and Pro Comp Xtreme M/T 2 tires. It’s designed to be a go-anywhere off-roader with its military-inspired steel flat fender design for maximum tire clearance, front-and-rear bumpers, and a 9,500-pound capacity winch. The Wrangler’s upgrades also include a lighting package for night operations, Armor Package for extra body protection, and a COMMANDO Soft Goods package covering the seats and top.

The COMMANDO Jeep concept vehicle will be auctioned later this year, with proceeds going to the Patriot Foundation. The organization provides support to families of airborne and special operations soldiers killed or wounded in combat.

“We are very excited to have partnered with Hendrick Dynamics and we believe strongly in what they are doing to help support our troops. Developing a COMMANDO Jeep concept vehicle is a real honor for our team,” said Dan Ciganovich, Director Dealer Services International. “In keeping with the ‘No Man Left Behind’ motto, we selected the Patriot Foundation because they ensure each dollar is donated to the men and women in need. They’re also held in high regard among military personnel.”