Throwback Thursday: Join Us For A Shop Tour Of Currie Enterprises


Pallets of rearends awaiting their turn for a rebuild.

The week is going fast and Thursday is here once again. That means it’s time for us to celebrate another editorial throwback. Each week, we jump into the way back machine and open the vault that houses our vast collection of articles. In this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a step back in time to bring you an article that you guys might have either forgotten about, or might not even know exists. Whichever the case, we are certain that you will enjoy this editorial flashback. So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at an article showcasing the construction of a custom rearend for a muscle car – in this case, A Shop Tour Of Currie Enterprises.

Everything is made in house, and to order. – Ray Currie

It’s not very often we get a chance to get out of the office and take a tour of a facility that build some of the components that we all use for our classics. So, when we had a chance to stop by Currie Enterprises‘ shop in Corona, California, we jumped at the chance to get a first-hand experience to see what happens at the shop, and how their axles, and housings are assembled.


Each day, Currie Enterprises build approximately 30 complete axles. Each unit has approximately a two-week lead time. But, once the assembly process starts, it only takes a day to complete. Ray Currie mentioned, “Everything is made in house, and to order.”

We found dozens of pallets of rearends everywhere, showing the wide range of products produced. In the original article, we were surprised to see that not all the rears were new. Currie Enterprises does rebuild their old rearends, and customers can send there axles in to be rebuilt. In fact, the military had sent Currie rearends from Afghanistan that they pulled from their vehicles. The interesting thing about this was the vehicles were staying axle-less overseas, and the new rebuilt axles would be placed in new vehicles in the US of A.


There is more to the story, and because of that, I thought it a great piece for this week’s Throwback Thursday flashback. So, find out how Currie Enterprises can help your hot rod when you check out A Shop Tour Of Currie Enterprises.

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