Bryce Menzies Suffers Catastrophic Crash During Day 2 Of Dakar

The Dakar Rally has been something Bryce Menzies has been looking forward to since missing last year’s event due to a crash during a world record jump. The 2018 Dakar was supposed to be the year for the Red Bull driver.

Dakar could be considered the toughest off-road rally in all the world, something that rivals the Baja 1000, but regardless of the location, off-roading is off-roading and there will be carnage. Menzies and his team experienced that first hand during Day 2 of the rally.

“My desire this last year has been huge,” Menzies said. “Getting over here and experiencing it, my desire is now even more. We’ll go home and regroup, and have a whole year to plan and come back even stronger than we did this year.”

“A lot of drivers came over and talked to me after the crash and it really helped me out,” Menzies continued. “You can’t take risks that’ll end your race early. You have to be at the end of the 14 stages and 16 days to win it. That’s the biggest thing I’ll take away.”

Bryce Menzies took to social media after his crash to let his fans know he was ok.

There were high hopes for one of the few US drivers competing in the rally, but that will have to wait one more year.

“We have to work harder, come back, finish the rally in 2019 and make everybody proud and happy,” Menzies said. “There’s been no American who’s ever won Dakar, and that’s another goal of mine, to be the first man to do that. I’m committed and my passion is off-road racing. For the next three to five years, our goal is to win it, I’ll try with every effort I can.”

We wish Menzies well and hope that he comes back stronger in 2019, as it would be great to see an American flag a top the leaderboard. Do you think Menzies has a chance in the Dakar Rally? Tell us in the comments below!

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