Donut Garage is a YouTube series under the Hoonigan brand. Typically on the show, guests bring their modified cars and shred tires. Recently Ryan Kibbe brought a built Chevy prerunner on the show and they jumped it. This time around the Hoonigans invited BJ Baldwin to the show to do some hooning in his Trophy Truck.

The truck BJ Baldwin brought is the same truck he used in his viral “Recoil” videos, as well as multiple championships. He’s also won a couple of Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races in this truck. The truck is supposed to be based off a Toyota Tundra, but the only component it shares with the Tundra is the factory grill. The livery on the truck does, however, make it look quite a lot like a Tundra TRD Pro.

The truck used a custom tube chassis that’s been painted in a very interesting purple color. The engine used in his truck is a custom V8 built by Kroyer Racing Engines that puts out around 800 horsepower completely naturally aspirated. The suspension uses King 4.0 quadruple bypass shocks. This allows for 23 inches of front end wheel travel and 33 inches of rear end wheel travel.

Typically on donut garage guests will do burnouts and sometimes even attempt to down the loading dock ramp. Some guests have even crawled up the loading dock in Jeeps. BJ Baldwin, however, took it a step further by doing massive donuts and even driving his truck straight off the loading dock.

At some point, he attempted to drift up the loading dock ramp, but his driver-side front tire didn’t make it on the ramp and the lower control arm collided with the loading dock. Surprisingly there was also no damage to the lower control arm which is a true testament to how insanely tough BJ’s truck really is. Check the video out for yourself!